From the Principal's View

Jane Mills, Principal

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas...

Anticipation, Excitement, Joy, Laughter, Intrigue...these are all words that could describe the magic of the holidays. If our story is one of family gatherings, presents under the tree, and visits to see Santa, then we understand and relate to the magic in the air.

What if our story is different..... stress, not enough money, no heat, no food, just lost my job, sitting at the ER for healthcare, more bills, working three jobs, etc. If so, the holidays can bring other feelings.

The holidays can be emotional in a positive way and in one that overwhelms.

For us at Chandler Creek, each of these emotions is present in some way. Some of the stories of our students are simply not things we can understand, yet we are the ones whose pathway crosses with students in need. Our job in a school where poverty is over the 50% mark, is to create a sense of normal, safety, belonging and learning for all students who attend. We provide shelter, food, and childhood for students.

As we head to December, be reminded that giving the student "childhood" is essential to what we do. Learning comes in many ways and I encourage you to reflect deeply as we rush to Christmas to allow our students to feel that they are valued, they are loved, they are Champions to each of us.

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Calendar Need to Know:

  • Monday, 11/27/2017- Welcome Back

  • Tuesday, 11/28/2017 Admin at Read to Succeed Training, 3rd Grade Science on Wheels

  • Wednesday, 11/29/2017 Faculty Management @ 3:00, 2nd Qtr Progress reports, 4th Grade Data Dive

  • Thursday, 11/30/2017, 3rd Grade Data Dive

  • Friday, 12/1/2017- School Spirit Days, Display College Pennants, Jeans and College Attire

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Happy Birthday

11/25 Lynn Pennington

11/26 Evanne Latta

11/ 28 Tena Johnson

12/7 Michelle Abella

12/7 Lynn Gambrell

Shout Out

All who helped with Real Men Read! Amazing Event

Grade 5- Great Collaboration on the First Data Dive, You are great thinkers!

Grade K5- Amazing K5 Play

Larry and Crew, Front Office, FANS and All support- You keep us running smoothly!