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Holy Redeemer Catholic School, November 26

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Mark Your Calendars:


  • Advent Celebration led by grade 1 class


  • Boys basketball practice


  • Early Dismissal
  • Girls basketball practice
  • Spirit Day: Grinch, WhoVille Festive Day
  • Boys basketball practice


  • Have a great weekend!

Down the road:

  • Monday, December 13 - Christmas Cookie Decorating (requesting parent volunteers)
  • Tuesday, December 14 - Desk Decorating
  • Wednesday, December 15 - Tobogganing and Hot Chocolate (requesting parent volunteers)
  • Thursday, December 16 - Christmas concert FILMING - Dress nicely
  • Friday, December 17 - Advent mass at 10:30 at OLPH church
  • Friday, December 17 - Christmas concert student viewing in the gym
  • Monday, December 20 - Community Engagement Day (requesting parent volunteers - Reading to students)
  • Tuesday, December 21 - PJ and Christmas Movie Day
  • Wednesday, December 22 to Jan 4 - Christmas Break begins - No School and closed

School Sports and Events Calendar: Click Here

What Is Advent?

Advent is here! Jesus is coming!

Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent – a special time when we get ready for the coming of Jesus. Jesus asks us all to keep watch for him so that we will be ready when he comes.

Jesus came the first time long ago in Bethlehem. Now HE comes to us every time we go to mass, in Holy Communion. We celebrate Jesus’ coming in a special way at Christmas time.

Advent is the time to get ready for Christmas. We get our houses ready by cleaning and decorating. We get our souls ready by cleaning out our sins when we go to confession, and by learning and thinking about Jesus.

Spirit Day - Wednesday

Don't forget to dress-up like your favourite Whoville character (perhaps the Grinch, himself) for our wear-it-festive spirit day!

Highlights from this past week

This past week at Holy Redeemer, both our girls and boys basketball team rosters have been finalized. Our Nature Kindergarten students spent some time at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre while our 5-8 Recreation and Leadership team spent time time enjoying the outdoors at the Elk Island National Park.

A select of students in Grade 5-8 were able to attend the Citadel Theatre on Wednesday evening to watch a play. Riding the bus through the big city at night time was an experience in itself for the students and the play was spectacular.

Ihkopiwipisim - Hoar Frost Moon - Cree & Metis Tradition

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In one year (365 days), the moon goes around 13 times, giving us 13 lunar months with 28 days each. Conveniently, if we examine a turtle’s shell, we find the same pattern of numbers of lunar months in a year and days in a lunar month. A closer look will reveal a pattern of thirteen individual segments on turtles' back which represent each moon cycle of seasons. These segments are named according to seasonal practices and natural environmental occurrences. Further to this there are twenty-eight platelets which form an edging around the shell. This is the number of days in the moon cycle.

November is the Lunar Month of the Hoar Frost Moon according to Cree and Metis Tradition. During the Hoar Frost Moon, Cree and Metis peoples would start collecting beads and materials to make their moccasins for winter. Our Grade 4 Students have been learning the art of Pointillism in an exploratory way that honors traditional Indigenous bead work.

Countdown to Christmas - Calling all Volunteers...

Please help make our week of Christmas festivities extra fun and special for our students. We are currently seeking parent/grandparent/guardian/aunt/uncle/community volunteers to make our Christmas festivities week a reality.

Holy Redeemer is looking for volunteers for the following activities:

1. Monday December 13th (Gr 1-8) - Cookie Decorating Helpers 2-3 adult helpers able to stay for half or full day. Roles - set up, helping students and clean up. Classes will come and have 30 minutes to decorate cookies. Classes will sign up for a time slot that works for them.
2. Wednesday December 15th (Gr. 1-8) - 2-3 Adult helpers able to stay for half or full day - Hot chocolate makers and delivery outside to classes tobogganing. Set up a hot chocolate station and help pour hot chocolate for students. Clean up after.
3. Monday December 20th (Gr. 1-8) - Community Readers and Santa!. - Seeking 1 adult to dress up like Santa and visit classrooms with candy canes and make a surprise entrance to classrooms to spread some cheer. WE are also looking for Community members to come and read an Christmas mas story to classes (First Responders, RCMP members, medical personal, community seniors, Hockey players etc...)

After Christmas Break, We will once again be requesting parent Volunteers to help with our elementary Skating program - We really can't do it without the help and support:

  1. Tuesdays, January 11th, 18th and 25th (Gr. 1-4) - Adult helpers to tie skates and 2-3 Program leaders to lead 30-45 minutes of activities on ice. Two adults or team of adults with some experience with skating drills to lead grades 1-4 students of all abilities on ice. This can involve equipment from school, (pylons, hula hoops, bean bags) Teachers can support those less comfortable on ice while program leader leads the majority of class through fun engaging activities for only 30 - 40 minutes at the Ardrossan rec center.

(Grades 1 and 2 - 10:45-11:45)

(Grades 3 and 4 - 1:00-2:00)

Please contact Mrs. Tess Guerin, our school secretary at the school at 780-922-4522.

The Librarian's Corner

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Its time to cozy up with a good book!

The library is getting ready for the winter season, and there are many cool books to choose.

So chill out and relax with some of your favorite reads.

~Mrs. Scoggins

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Nutrition Program

Our Nutrition Grant Program is fully under-way. Ask your child about their nutritious and delicious morning snacks, kindly provided through this Alberta Grant through the hard work of Aimee Fontaine and parent volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, Please reach out to Aimee Fontaine at:
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