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Professional Advises For Small Business From Questfusion Entrepreneurs

QuestFusion provides strategic guidance for startups and emerging growth companies. We focus on the entrepreneurs including company founders and startup CEOs. Our industry focus is primarily on technology companies and the convergence of life science and tech. However, many of the topics that we discuss in our blog and videos are relevant to anyone running a startup or even an aspiring entrepreneur.

QuestFusion provides strategic guidance in three ways:

By Doing Face-to-Face Consulting with Entrepreneurs and their Companies

Via a Virtual Consulting Model using Video Conferences and Email

Through an Online Platform available to Members

Our goal is to provide the essential tools for entrepreneurs to be more efficient, more effective, and thus successful. Based on my many years of experience as a CEO of three different startup companies, I provide a unique perspective to other entrepreneurs. I will reveal many of the secrets that you will not hear from anyone else, either because they don’t know, or they have a conflict of interest. I hope that you subscribe to my webinars, and eventually become a Member on my site!

About Patrick Henry, CEO of QuestFusion

Patrick Henry is a technology CEO and product positioning and marketing strategy expert. He helps entrepreneurs implement processes in their companies to more quickly and more efficiently grow their businesses.

Mr. Henry has been involved throughout his career with defining new products, identifying new market opportunities, navigating through rapid phases of growth, and managing turn-around situations. Mr. Henry has significant experience in the M&A process as both a buyer and seller several times over.

Mr. Henry brings a practical, disciplined, collaborative and focused problem solving approach to the executive table and the boardroom. As the founder and CEO of QuestFusion, he has a different consulting approach where he is focused on the actionability of a strategic plan, and will help CEOs and founders in the development and execution of their strategy.

“I have noticed throughout my career that most consultants give advice, but don’t really get a grasp of the practical realities of execution of a strategy, and how things need to change in a rapidly evolving market or customer environment. As an experienced operating manager in these rapid growth and rapidly changing environments, I can help guide a CEO or board through these dynamic situations and provide a sounding board for a CEO that is dealing with these thorny issues.” – Patrick Henry, CEO of QuestFusion

CEO Experience

Patrick Henry, the CEO of QuestFusion, is a San Diego-based entrepreneur and the former CEO of Entropic Communications. Mr. Henry is a seasoned executive, CEO, and board of directors’ member, with over 25 years experience in managing high technology companies. Prior to forming QuestFusion, Mr. Henry had over 13 years experience as a CEO at three different startup technology companies. As CEO of Entropic, he took the company from a pre-revenue and pre-product phase, to a successful NASDAQ listed public company (Symbol: ENTR). Entropic was acquired in early 2015 by another San Diego tech company, MaxLinear (NYSE: MXL).

Mr. Henry has experience negotiating complex M&A transactions, large multi-year contracts with Fortune 100 companies, employment contracts, and major strategic partnerships.

Awards and Recognition

Mr. Henry was the winner of the 2008 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for Technology, the San Diego Daily Transcript 2008 Top Influentials, and 2011 San Diego Business Journal Most Admired CEO. Mr. Henry is a former board member and advisor of EvoNexus, a San Diego non-profit trade organization and technology company incubator and accelerator.


Mr. Henry has a bachelor in Engineering Science and Mechanics with high honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Giving Back

Mr. Henry is involved in a number of charities and civic organizations including Compassion International, the Georgia Tech Foundation, the University of Southern California, Make-A-Wish® San Diego, Shed a Light, and the Rancho Santa Fe School.

We provide strategic guidance to startups and emerging growth companies. Our market focus is technology and the convergence of tech with life science.

We offer FREE webinars once a month on topics of interest to entrepreneurs. We reveal many secrets about starting and running companies

We offer FREE webinars once a month on topics of interest to entrepreneurs. We reveal many secrets about starting and running companies

We work online with entrepreneurs to provide guidance in the areas of strategic planning, customer acquisition, and raising growth capital.

Our membership site provides tools and techniques to help entrepreneurs start, manage and grow their businesses.

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