Electromagnetic Spectrum

By: Logan Wambach

Radio Waves

Radio Waves are made by various types of transmitters, depending on the wavelength of the Radio Wave.
Radio Waves have the lowest frequencies.

The type of radio waves we use every day is not dangerous to us, but too much can cause cancer and leukemia.

One thing we use radio waves for is using the telephone, also another example is a garage door opener.

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Microwaves are basically extremely high-frequency radio waves, and are made by various types of transmitter.

Microwaves have a higher frequency than radio waves but not very high.

There is not too much danger in using microwaves but they are known to cause cataracts.

One example of how we use microwaves in our daily lives is using the microwave to cook stuff, another one is using a mobile phone.

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Infrared Wave

Infra red waves are just below visible red light in the electromagnetic spectrum ("Infra" means "below").

Infrared waves have a higher frequency than radio waves, but they have a pretty low frequency.

The only danger of infrared waves are the danger of overheating.

One example of the use of infrared waves is the police use them to search for criminals heat signals in the dark. Another example is the weather forecasting to see what type of weather is going their way.

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Light Waves

Light waves are given off by anything that is hot enough to glow.

Light waves are in the middle of the scale of electromagnetic waves which means they have a medium frequency. They are the only wave with a frequency that we can see.

The only damage that light waves can cause is too many light waves can damage your retinas.

One obvious example of humans using light waves is to see things. Another example of us using light waves is in laser printers, which produce coherent light.

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Ultra-Violet Waves

Ultra-Violet light is given off by the sun in large quantities.

Ultra-Violet Waves have a fairly high frequency.

Ultra-Violet Waves are pretty safe as long as you don't get too much of it. It can also damage the retina in your eyes, and it can cause sun burn and even skin cancer.

We use Ultra-Violet waves for getting sun tans. Another example of how we use Ultra-Violet is UV waves can be used to detect counterfeit money in shops.

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X-Ray Waves

X-Ray Waves are waves that can carry a lot of energy that will pass through most substances.

X-Ray Waves have a very high frequency.

X-Ray Waves are dangerous if not used by professionals they can cause cell damage and cancers.

One example of how humans use X-Ray waves is so the doctor can see inside of people. Another example of how humans use X-Ray waves is at the airport they use them in security checks.

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Gamma Rays

Gamma Rays are given off by stars, and pass through most substances and are very hard to stop.

Gamma Rays have an extremely high frequency and carry a huge amount of energy.

Gamma Rays are extremely dangerous and can cause a variety of cancers, and they cause mutations in growing tissues.

One example of how humans use Gamma Rays is to kill cancer cells without having to perform difficult surgery. Another example of how humans use Gamma Rays is they can be used to sanitize medical equipment.

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