Fall Opening and Library Books


Plans for the Fall

Hello Cougar Families,

I know there is a lot of concern and wonderings about what will happen in the fall. Rest assured that we are on top of the planning. We have taken the feedback from our survey and will meet this week with a group of staff and parents to look over our options and start the planning process. As the group develops plans I will share them with you. We hope to have the draft plan available in the first part of July.

Here are a few of the items we are working on prior to our team meeting:

1. Reviewing guidance from OSPI

2. Reviewing input from you through our survey

3. Compiling the survey results and work as a new team to create our first draft.

4. In addition to determining how learning will look, we are working on: health and safety of students and staff, check-in procedures, parent pick up/drop off, classroom configurations, use of extra spaces, recess, cleaning, health room, food services and locations for eating lunch, and it seems like a million other items.

Who is on our team? We have staff that represent maintenance/custodial, para educators, district office, and teachers as well as administrators. We have a good representation of parents from K-8. We ensured we had parents that represented K-8, special services, those that struggled, and those that managed the closure well. Ensuring we have enough voices across the spectrum to hear everyone's concerns. We will also ask the committee members to collect information from others in our community to ensure we hear as many voices as possible during the process.

Stay Tuned for Updates!

Jeff Cravy, Superintendent

Tim Dickinson, Principal

And our 20 person planning team

A Message from Our Library

Hello Readers!

Before you head out on vacation, we need your library books back. We still have almost 400 of them at your homes instead of here where we can label them and get them put into their new locations.

We have a box at the front door of the Middle School / District Office for your convenience. You can drop them by ANYTIME!

I hope you have been enjoying your books. Sadly it is now time to return them. We are starting a new project in the library. It's called genrefication. It is where we will be putting the books on the shelves by "genre". So when you go to search for your favorite types of stories they will be easier to find by which genre they are in, for example, Fantasy books in one area, Historical fiction, and Mystery books in another area. We need your help getting all of the books back so we can have the library ready for you in the fall.

Any questions please feel free to email Miss Holly at hgildnes@conway.k12.wa.us

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