Rhode Island!

The best of the 13 Colonies

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The Founding of Rhode Island!

In 1524 Rhode Island was first discovered by Giovanni Verrazand, an Italian looking for wealth and land.Through the next couple hundred years Rhode Island was given to the native people to occupy but in 1636 it was founded again by religious dissenters, Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson. They were looking for religious freedom from the harsh Puritans that lived in Massachusetts! Eight years later Roger Williams was able to secure a Charter from the English Parliament. They settled the city of Providence where they started the best of the 13 colonies! Our colony of Rhode Island is growing in population tremendously and is flourishing economically.


Religious preference is not a problem at all in Rhode Island! it doesn't matter if you are Jewish, Catholic or just haven't decided yet, we believe that everyone should have the religious freedom to believe what they want without judgement or discrimination. That is why we are one of the only colonies that allows religion to be a choice of conscience to be decided by you alone!
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location is not a problem at all here in Rhode Island! We are located right below Massachusetts and to the right of Connecticut! Sure it gets a little chilly being this north but our location right on the coast surely makes up for it! We are proud to say that there is a lot of individualism here in Rhode Island. If you are willing to work hard you can make the money needed to provide for your family and more! with so many opportunity available that the ports and sea have to offer like fishing and accessibility to easy trade due to our proximity to water. It will be it will be easy to rise through society if you are willing to put in the effort!


Don't you hate strict government control that tells you what to do or believe all the time? So do we! Here in Rhode Island we separate the church and the state from each other to only get the best unbiased opinions for our colony! We have a Governor who was appointed by the king but we are given a lot of freedoms that you cant find anywhere else! For example we have land to claim and the right to worship whatever we want! you are not going to find that somewhere else!
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Yes, I know you have heard about the feuds that are going on currently between the Indians and the Colonist in the King Philips War, but I assure you its nothing to worry about! Although we have lost 1/3 of our population the war is under control now. living here is safe now, this land belongs to us now and the Indians will learn to accept that! We are far to advanced for them, they are nothing to fear.
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I know what you are thinking "the climate that far north would make farming the land impossible".I assure you its not! Although it is tricky to grow crops we actually have a good bit of produce growing.We have everything from corn and beans to squash, rye, and pumpkins! Not to mention the endless supply of fish that we have swimming around just waiting to be caught!
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Our Economy has developed drastically over time. We went from a few people with Roger Williams trying to grow and trade crops, to the trading city of Newport we have today! Rhode Island is the hot spot for boats to come in with all kinds of exotic things to buy, like slaves to help work in the fields and rum! One of the best is the molasses that is imported and exported. Fish is huge for our economy. Living on the coast has its advantages!

Finals Words!

I hope you enjoyed this flyer of our colony! If you want to live in a religiously open, stable economic colony where you can grow and prosper, just remember we are to the right of Connecticut and just south of Massachusetts! Hope to see you soon! Dont blink or you might miss us!
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