Penguin Strong

December Newsletter

Happy Feet Dance

Up and Coming

  • Science Kits in Hallway Dec 3rd
  • ELA/Science Committee Meeting Dec. 4th
  • Report Card lock Down-Monday Dec 7th (remember to add text comments as well as numbered comments)
  • Oberle Book Fair Dec 7th-11th in Main Lobby. Students will shop during your Library time.
  • Math/Science Night Dec 10th-Volunteers Needed. Report to Julie Delacy or Chris Sparks.
  • Winter Concert Dec 18th @ Oberle


-Continue to progress monitor your Tier II & III students every 2 weeks.

-Should be finishing up Math Unit 4-Assessment in iTracker Dec 17th.

-Send Social Studies Unit 1-3 scores to Mrs. Weaver.

-DPAS BOY goals will be submitted on Dec 2nd 64-84% Satisfactory, 85%-100% Exceeds

-Amplify ELA Assessment Wednesday Dec 2nd. See assessment schedule for details.

-SmarterBalanced Training on PDMS

-All Teachers must be done by March first take Course #24246 will take 1.4 hours

-ELL staff must be done by Feb 1st ELL COURSE # 24482 will take 1 hour.

-Spec ed must be done by FEB 1st and March 1st course # 24482 will take 1 hour.

-TIDE Roster verification (make sure your class roster is correct)

Verification Dates

Dec 10th-8:45 am

Jan 7th 8:45am

Feb 23rd 8:45am

April 7th 8:45 am

Teacher Snow Day - Saturday Night Live