What is Determination?

By Jessalyn Gottardo


What is determination? Determination means to have firmness of purpose and resoluteness. Determination consists of the will-power to stick to something no matter what gets in your way. Determination can be enforced by others or completely solitary. The most important part to determination is perseverance, to never give up. With determination you can preserver through many things such as learning a new task, recovering from a set back, or even overcoming a big obstacle.

Cause and Effect

A boy named Rick was assigned an essay for his language arts class. The assignment was to, in detail, wright an essay on what you wanted to do when you where older. He wrote and wrote and explained how he wanted to own a farm and a ranch when he got older. He explained down to the last detail of the layout of the house and farm, he even drew a picture, but, when he got his paper back it had an F on the top. He had followed the directions and made no errors. Therefore wondered why he had failed the assignment, so he asked his teacher. His teacher told him, "You are very pour and you don't have any friends, how do you expect to accomplish that? That is completely unrealistic!" He went home and asked his dad for advice and he said, "Follow your heart, son." and so he did. He turned in the exact paper again, another F. He now has that paper hanging over his mantle place on his farm in the exact house he described. So, how did he accomplish this? Perseverance, hope and determination. The outcome amazing and all caused by his teacher and his determination.

Problem and Solution

Meet Mathew. Mathew just got a prostatic leg. The only problem is he has never walked in a prostatic leg before. He is going to therapy but he just isn't catching on, and not to mention, it hurts him to use it. He could just give up and go to a wheelchair but he wants to walk like everyone else in his classes. In order to get better he had to have lots of determination. His determination was caused by his friends, they encouraged him to try his very best to succeed. The impact in the end, after a year plus of work, was the ability to walk with his classmates again with the help of a prostatic leg. This shows how determination can play a big roll and help in anyone's life.
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Sequence of events

Sally and Joe both got a bike for their birthday. Neither of them had ever rode a bike before. Their parents helped them learn, but, following the lessons, they realized Sally was having trouble. Not long after, Joe was riding his bike but Sally just kept falling. She would sit on the porch and see all her brother and friends riding their bikes. She wanted to ride with them so she decided to keep trying. This time, even when she fell she got back up. Finally because of her determination she could ride her bike with her brother and friends. Determination allowed her to overcome her problem and to reach her accomplishment.
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Video and transcript about stories of preservation and determination.