Introduction to I.T.

12/14 - 12/18

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Monday 12/7

Finish Lab 3-1 and Review Lessons 1 & 2

Students who are up-to-date can begin working on their Weebly Website

Tuesday 12/8

District Day for Certification Pre-Assessment - CIW IBA Practice Exam - This is worth a completion grade

Wednesday 12/9

Kahoot Lesson 3 - Review and Preview Items

MakeUp Day - 1:1 Teacher:Student Conferences

Thursday 12/17

Lesson 3 Quiz Retake - All students must retake the quiz (Click here)
The highest grade will be used for eSembler - YOU MAY NOT USE YOUR NOTES
Reminder: I will only accept the highest grade if all work for 2nd quarter has been turned in

Makeup Work (Makeup work must be submitted no later than 3pm Friday, 12/18)
Here is the work you should have submitted (all of these assignments can be found on Canvas)
Checkpoint Questions
Lesson 3 Quiz
Lab 3-1
Course Mastery and Objective Review Questions
Lesson Review 1 & 2 (Click the link) - Not many students turned in this assignment on the Canvas module

Friday 12/11

Fun Friday Activity for students who have submitted all of 2nd quarter assignments.