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Honeoye Central School District

September 18, 2016

Parent Portal - Help!

I've heard from many parents that when they log into schooltool, they can't find their child's grades.

Here's a quick guide:

The first screen you see when you log in is your child's schedule.

Next to your child's name is a purple wedge - click on the wedge.

This brings up your child's contact information screen. Look for the tabs to the right.

The schedule tab shows your child's schedule by quarter. Notice there is an envelope next to your child's name. You can email the teacher directly.

The attendance tab shows your child's attendance information. If you believe there is inaccurate data please contact Deb Guli.

The Grades tab defaults to Marking Period Grades. To see the current average for each class select Marking Period Average.

The Assessments tab shows NYS 3-8 Math and English Language Arts, if your child took these assessments in Honeoye. If your child was enrolled in a different school district, the scores will not be listed here.

The Assignments tab is probably the most useful tab. This shows assignments that teachers have made public in the portal. This may be upcoming assignments or assignments that have been graded. Notice there is a drop down box to view assignments for a particular course.

For assistance with the parent portal or to request an account if you didn't already receive an email please visit this page and fill out the help form. Thank you.

Please be patient as this is a brand new gradebook for teachers to learn. If you have any concerns about your child's progress it is always best to contact the teacher directly.

App Spotlight

Read & Write for Google Chrome

There is a purple puzzle piece that hangs down from the url bar in Google docs and Google slides. This is a piece of assistive technology software that is pushed out to every student account. It provides word prediction, text to speech (it will read text to you), speech to text (you can dictate to it), highlighting, vocabulary support, and a built in dictionary. When a student opens up a pdf document on their chromebook, they have the option to select open with Read & Write and they can highlight and take notes on the pdf document.

My child doesn't receive special Education services. Why does every student have it?

We believe in Universal Design Principles. This means that all students may benefit from assists at different times and for different reasons. Real world examples of this are mothers pushing a stroller up a wheelchair ramp to gain access to a building or pushing the button to automatically open a door when your hands are very full, even though you aren't in a wheelchair. Students learn to ignore the puzzle piece but if they need it, it is there. Some students find they can dictate assignments faster than they can type assignments.

Cheat Sheet

Read & Write for Google Chrome

Meet Karen

Karen Soanes, Ed.D.

Director of Instructional Technology

Karen is the shared Director of Instructional Technology for Honeoye CSD. She spends half of her week in Honeoye and the other half of her week in the Bloomfield Central School District.

Did you know? She used to teach 3rd and 4th grade in the Rochester City School District and was a mathematics instructional coach at her elementary school before leaving to become the Director of Curriculum & Instruction for the Perry Central School District. That's a scenery change!