Montessori Country Day School

International Day

Friday, March 25th 1:15-3:15 (Updated Time)

Families are invited to join the celebration at our annual International day. Classrooms have prepared presentations about what they learned while studying the cultures, animals, landmarks, and topography of Africa.

There will be presentations by MCDS Bollywood dancers, a Flamenco dancer and a Kathak dancer, Chinese musicians and students from our campus.

Families are encouraged to share meals from their kitchens. They should be nut free and clearly labeled by name and ingredients. Sign up to bring a meal to share. Sign up sheets will be at each classroom door. Please bring them in Friday morning.

We will have the gymnasium set up with chairs and tables for the occasion.

Come Join Us!

Order of Presentations

1:15 -Opening Remarks

1:20 -Bollywood Dance

1:30 -Ivy Presentations

1:40 -Sage Presentations

1:50 -Willow Presentations

2:00 -Mulberry Presentations

2:15 -Flamenco Dance

2:25 -Chinese Music

2:35 -Kathak Dance

2:45 -Sweets and Treats

3:15 Closing Remarks