It is located along the south coast of Queensland,Australia, approximately 200 kilometres north of Brisbane. Its length is about 120 kilometres and its width is approximately 24 kilometres.

Historical Information

The Butchulla People are the indigenous people of Fraser Island. There were six clans in the Butchulla Nation and the territory extended through Fraser Island, Double Island Point, Tin Can Bay, Bauple Mountain and north to a point at Burrum Heads in Queensland.

The Butchulla people's traditional name for Fraser Island was K'gari which means paradise. According to Butchulla legend, Fraser Island was named K'gari after the beautiful spirit who helped Yindingie, messenger of the great god Beeral, create the land. As a reward to K'gari for her help Beeral changed her into an idyllic island with trees, flowers and lakes. He put birds, animals and people on the island to keep her company.

It is uncertain how long Fraser Island had been occupied by the Butchulla people. Evidence suggests that it was more than 5,500 years and maybe 20,000. Population numbers are unknown though it has been said that during times of plentiful resources up to 2,000 people lived on the island with the stable number around 300 to 400.


Fraser Island has a wide range of plant varieties growing in sand and ranging from coastal heaths to subtropical rainforests. The dominant trees in these rainforest areas are the Fraser Island satinay and brush box . Often emerging above this 50 metre canopy are hoop pines and kauri pines as well as creepers, massive birds' nest ferns, elkhorns and, sometimes, native orchids.

From August to September wedding bush can be seen covered in a profusion of small, five-petalled, white flowers. There are a number of peaflowers, most of which are yellow in colour, plus a number of small leaved heaths that flower at various times throughout the year, giving visitors a display of wildflowers virtually all year round.


Fraser Island is home to a diverse array of native terrestrial and water fauna. It is not uncommon to see a dingo loping along the beach or a prehistoriclooking lizard climbing one of the island's trees.

There are 47 other species of mammals on Fraser Island including the Swamp Wallaby, Small Eared Mountain Possum and the Sugar Glider.

More than 354 species of birds have been sighted on Fraser Island. The island has a wide range of habitats providing different food sources, nesting and breeding areas.

Fraser Island is home to 79 species of reptiles, including 19 kinds of snake. The most commonly seen reptiles are the Sand Monitor and the Lace Monitor. These large lizards are often seen around picnic areas.

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