Part 2- NADON

By: Josh Strong

What is NADON- National Anxiety Disorders Organizations Network?

NADON is an organization devoted to helping with and researching anxiety disorders and anxiety in general. They are trying to fight against feelings of anxiety, depression and dependancy.

Letter to Allie

Dear Allie,

You have done well fighting your fears and we understand that what you are doing is hard. We hope that you can overcome your fears and make it through this. Your family will never forgot you and will always love you even if you can't be with them. We recommend that you find something you enjoy so you can take your mind off of it. Just keep going and when you do ind your family, we know you will be happy.

Sincerely, NADON

Letter to Mikey

Dear Mikey,

We want to help you with your fear. We understand that you are not happy with who you once were and you don't want to go back. This is somewhat of an irrational fear because we know you won't. We trust you to do the right thing. If you ever do have this problem just come talk to us and we will help you. Mikey we trust you so don't be scared. You are a good person.

Sincerely, NADON

Letter to Megan McGill

Dear Megan,

We understand your fear. We hope that you understand what these kids are going through and hope that you can rethink your decisions. Kids need to be able to make their own decisions. I understand that you are scared of the coins but you shouldn't hold the other kids back. Please realize that you never know where those coins leave. We are willing to help you and counsel with you about this fear if needed. Try to be happy and let those kids go.

Sincerely, NADON