Mrs. Scallan's Class

December 3, 2015


Language Arts:

This week in Language Arts, we learned about the Letter Buddy Chatty C! We learned how to write the Letter C in upper and lower case ! We practiced writing the letter in our phonics workbooks, on paper, and in our Letter Buddy journals! We listened and danced along to the letter c songs on story bots and abc mouse!! We listed c words on a Letter Buddy chart paper. We were introduced to our first set of sight words!!! DRUMMROLLLLLLLLLLLL........THE COLOR WORDS! We were so excited! We went on a color hunt with our color sight words and practiced building the color words with magnet letters. We used crayons cards with the color name written on them to help us spell. We read many books this week including the Alphatails book Copycats. and Copy Me, Copy Cub!


In Math, we introduced the dime! We looked at examples of dimes and learned more facts from the Dime book! Many of us brought in dimes to show our friends! We used plastic coins to match and sort. We counted dimes and learned how to count by tens. We practiced everyday by tossing around a kush ball! It was so much fun! We colored dime books and learned facts about Franklin D. Roosevelt and how many dimes make a dollar! We worked on coin identification pages as well.


This week, we focused on learning about mixing colors in Science. We read many books about colors. We read Little Blue and Little Yellow, Colors of the Day, A Color of his Own and the Day the Crayons Quit just to name a few! We used eye droppers and water colors to make coffee filter tye dye circles. It was so neat to see the paints mix into different colors right before our eyes!


Please email me if you have not already, if you and your children are coming to POLAR EXPRESS night on Wednesday the 9th 5:30-7 in the gym.

Thank You!

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