McAdory High School

Traditional/Remote Information September 28, 2020

Return Plan

Students choosing the traditional model will return to campus with increased health and safety measures in order to combat the effects of COVID-19 in our school. District leadership has engaged in meaningful conversations with health authorities to create a reopening plan with safety and health at the forefront.

  • Traditional School

    • Modified schedule

      • A-L last names attend: Monday and Tuesday, Oct 5 & 6 and Oct 12 & 13

      • M-Z last names attend: Thursday and Friday, Oct 8 & 9 and Oct 15 & 16

    • Students will log in remotely as usual when not on campus during these two weeks.

    • Five day week begins October 19th.

  • Remote Students will continue attending class from home but will follow our normal daily schedule listed below. We will no longer be following the "All Remote" schedule.


Students must bring school-issued devices and adapters (chromebook, laptops, etc.) to school each day. Students without a school-issued device can bring their personal device (chromebook, laptops, etc.) to school.

  • Chromebooks, laptops, etc. should be fully charged before coming to school.

  • Parents are encouraged to purchase headphones for students’ use.

Multi-Synchronous Instructional Model

As long as teachers have remote and traditional students in the classroom, they will continue to use Schoology and WebEx platforms for instruction.

Remote students must be present for the teacher led portion of the lesson that will not exceed 45 minutes per class. If at all possible student cameras should be on, and the student should respond and participate in the class. The teacher will be present to assist students for the remaining 30 minutes of class, but remote students do not have to stay logged in if help is not needed.

Class Schedule:

1st Period: 7:55-9:10

2nd Period: 9:16-10:05

3rd Period: 10:11-11:25

4th Period: 11:31-1:35

  • 1st Lunch: 11:35-12:05
  • 2nd Lunch: 12:05-12:35
  • 3rd Lunch: 12:35-1:05
  • 4th Lunch: 1:05-1:35

5th Period: 1:41-3:05

Each teacher will let Remote Students know what time the teacher-led portion of the class will start. This will BE posted on their Schoology Class Homepage and will be communicated before the Traditional/Remote Learning begins on October 5.

Backpacks and Lockers

Since lockers will not be issued, students will need to carry their backpacks from class to class. Please make sure backpacks are not large and do not take up a lot of space.

Water Bottles

Students are encouraged to bring bottled water to school to reduce COVID exposure from water fountains. Water fountains will not be utilized.


Restroom usage will not be allowed during class change. If a student needs to use the restroom they will need to obtain a pass from their teacher once class has begun. There will be limited occupancy in each restroom.

Face Coverings

Cloth face coverings will be required based upon CDC guidelines and guidance from JEFCOED. Social distancing is not always possible in school settings; therefore, masks are vital to the safe reopening of schools.

  • Face masks must comply with JEFCOED’s dress code policy.
  • Face shields are permitted but must have a mask worn underneath.

Social Distancing

Students will practice social distancing from the arrival on campus through departure. Students will be assigned seats on the bus and in the classroom, increasing social distancing and limiting exposure to others as much as possible. This will allow us to quickly contact trace and not cause the entire bus or classroom to have to quarantine. While on the bus, students will sit with siblings or relatives from the same home. Other students may have to sit together based on the amount of space available.

Limited Access to Visitors and Volunteers

It is essential to create a healthy and safe environment by limiting potential COVID-19 exposure whenever possible. McAdory High School will be limiting access to visitors and volunteers to appointment only.

Cleaning Procedures

Hand Sanitation Stations

Hand sanitation stations are located throughout the building to encourage proper hygiene practices.

Backpack Disinfectant Spray

Hallways, restrooms and stairwells will be sprayed with a CDC approved disinfectant. This will take place when students are not present in these areas.

Classroom Sanitation

Seating arrangements will be established and routines put into place to ensure that desks are properly sanitized between classes. Students are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizing gel.

Classroom Modifications

Student desks will be appropriately spaced apart when possible. Students’ seats will be arranged in a traditional model. Administrators will view and approve classroom designs prior to the start of the school.

Controlled Movement

To limit COVID-19 exposure and promote social distancing, students will transition to class with the guidance of teachers and administrators where possible throughout the day, utilizing controlled movement patterns based on signage throughout campus. Movement will follow a highway model with one way movement on each side of the hallway during class changes

Common Area Modifications

Students will be monitored in all common area locations to encourage social distancing practices. Elective classes such as physical education, art, and music will adhere to social distancing while limiting collaborative activity and shared resources.

Mass Gathering

For the safety of staff and students on campus large gatherings will not be permitted until further notice.

Bus Rider and Car Rider Info

Bus Rider

  • It is important that you take your student's temperature each day before allowing entry on the bus. Distancing on the bus will be one of the most challenging environments, so it is vitally important that we do not have students on the bus who are ill.
  • Students will be assigned seats on the bus, it is very important that students adhere to this seating chart.

Car Rider/Student Driver

  • It is important that you take your child's temperature each day before dropping off at school to prevent transmission of illness.
  • Car riders will be released to the pick up area as in the past, but social distancing must be maintained.
  • Drivers should report directly to their cars in the afternoon and immediately leave campus.

Procedures for Positive Covid Cases or Exposures

If/When a student exhibits signs and symptoms of Covid-19:

  • Student will be immediately referred to the school nurse. The nurse will follow the Alabama Department of Public Health Toolkit guidelines to determine the next steps.
  • Any sick student/staff is advised to see their healthcare provider to determine if student/staff has COVID-19 or other non-communicable disease. This information will be communicated to the school admin/school nurse.
  • School will communicate with parents/staff if their student has been exposed to a positive case.
  • School will communicate with parents if quarantining is necessary based on toolkit guidelines.

Very Important

Seating charts for classrooms and buses will be used to aid in determining direct contacts of a positive case or person with major symptoms. Please have a conversation with your student that emphasizes the importance of staying in the assigned location in the classroom, bus or hallway. Students must adhere to the seating charts at all times.

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Contact Information

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Gary Bowen, Principal

Corey Collier, Assistant Principal

Melanie Gaines, Assistant Principal


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