Hassels' Headlines

October 14th 2016

Important Dates

October 18th and 19th- Papa John's Dine and Share

October 21st- Art to Remember order due AND Picture retake day (optional)

October 28th- Fall Party (1:00-2:00), Picture Retakes

November 1st- Cookie pick-up from 4:30-7:00 at Mackeben gym (*this is change from the original pick up date*)

News You Can Use!

PAWS Pride

This week our PAWS Pride lesson focused on conflict resolution. The students discussed some simple rules to solve a problem and watched a short video on what can happen if these steps aren't followed. The activities will allow the students an ability to prevent, manage and resolve interpersonal conflicts in constructive ways.

Fire Prevention Assembly- The students learned how to be safe in a fire and what the job of a firefighter is really like. Ask them all about it!

Yearbook- YEARBOOKS ARE ON SALE! Capture your child's elementary school memories with a 2016-2017 Conley Yearbook Only $15... order online at ybpay.lifetouch.com or use the form in the Friday folder.

Subject Snapshots


Weekly Story: What Jo Did

Comprehension Skills: Cause and Effect and Background Knowledge

Conventions: Common and Proper Nouns

Vocabulary: Prefixes and Suffixes (un-, in-, -less, -able)

Writing: Personal Narrative

Spelling: adding -s and -es


Topic 3: Strategies and Properties to Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers

Social Studies



This week in art we were learning about Keith Haring. He used to draw in the Subway Station in NYC.He would use chalk so he could wipe it and come off.He uses Graffiti art.Some people do nasty Graffiti art.Then he opened a pop sop so he could sell art.Then his art became more famous then he was selling his art for more money then everyone wanted his art.A the end there will be a picture in his shop it looked cool.He though that Mona Lisa was boring.But he died.Now a lot of people want his work but it costs a lot. By Anthony


On Tuesday we tested our pedometers and played a card game with the pedometers.

On Wednesday we did running day. On Thursday we played the game called crack the code. Last, but not least, Friday we did cup stacking and rock climbing wall and Chinese jump rope.


On Wednesday, we were listening to stop the train.We had to find a group of five and make up moves to the song.My partners were Chloe,Briana,Kayley,and Riley. We had fun making up our moves.After Mrs.Karl took a video and showed the class.We did a very good job.We had to practice our moves a lot.We also put our hands in paint and put them on the door and made them in to a music note.We had lot's of fun on Friday!

​On Thursday,we played a game so we can remember The letters on our staff.Each letter stands for a sentence that can help us remember better.We each had different teams I was on the lines team and the other team was the spaces of the staff.we had to through a dot and if it landed on the space the other team would get a point and if it landed on the line we would get a point we won the game 40-39 We had funon Thursday.

​On Friday, we learned about different notes on the scale. we used the remote to change the song and how we sing it.

By Bella

Click here to view a video of the students signing "To Stop the Train".


On Tuesday we learned about cause and effect then we used an envision video to teach us more about cause and effect.

On Wednesday we started a comic book strip about dialogue on a new app.

On Thursday we did QR codes and common and proper nouns. We also did a scoot about cause and effect.

On Friday we did a weekly test and we also did a Kahoot. We were also given time to finish daily five.

Click here to view the comic strips the students made using dialogue and the makebeliefcomix.com website. Make sure to click "view original" to make the project bigger and easier to read.


Tuesday-We are typing our personal narratives in google classroom and were peer editing.

Wednesday-We are peer editing our personal narrative with a friend where you are switching your story with a friend.

Thursday-Today we had to come close to finishing are personal narrative.

Friday-We are finishing are peer editing with are partner and reading are own.

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Mrs. Hassels' Math Class

Monday-NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!


We did three ways of mental math and they are compensation,break apart,and commutative.We spent three days on mental math.


We did mental math again but we added the numbers and everything together and we also did that on our homework.


How break apart and compensation can look the same and can almost combined.We also did a time test were we get 2 minutes and we try and get as many facts as we can in that time.


We played a quizlet live and did this app called Moby Max and its like a test but some parts are easy and some questions are hard but it is really fun.

Mrs. Price's Math Class

Tuesday:Today in rotations we went to Mrs.price for one Another we did pgs. 115 and 116 and the other we did pg. 110.

Wednesday:We worked on making checking multiplication easier by rounding.

Thursday:We used Partial products to solve multiplication.

Friday:We used partial products to do math sentences.

Social Studies

This week we started our first week of social studies! On Tuesday we talked about the goverment. On Wedsday we worked on a project about breaking the law. On Thursday we still worked on the comic strip. On Friday we learned about the three branches of the goverment. We learned about each job.