Peace vs. Brutality

Martin Luther King Jr. vs Malcolm X.

Background Information

  • Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. King, both a Baptist minister and civil-rights activist, had a huge impact on race relations in the United States, beginning in the mid-1950s. Martin Luther King Jr. is best known for advancing civil rights without using violence. He did not use violence because of his christian beliefs. In 1954 he became the pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. He was also raised by Christian parents, Martin Luther King Sr, and Alberta Williams King.
  • Martin Luther King Jr was huge on nonviolence. He had many things that influenced him to practice his teachings with nonviolence. The first thing was the church and his religion. King believed that no one should be harmed by his teaching by violence. The second thing that led him to practice nonviolence was Gandhi. Gandhi was very big on nonviolence and King like that about him. King also saw that Gandhi's ways worked so he stuck to the nonviolent ways. Both of these were crucial factors that led him to be the man he was and teach the way he taught.
  • Malcolm X was born on May 19th, 1925. Malcolm X was originally named Malcolm Little but changed his name later in life. Malcolm X is known as the man who spoke against white Americans in harsh terms for the things they did to the African Americans of the time. He grew up in many different foster homes because his dad died at a young age and his mother was put into a mental hospital when he was thirteen. Also when he was 20 years old he went to prison for breaking and entering but while in jail he became a member of the nation of Islam.
  • Malcolm X got a lot of his ideas from his beliefs just like King did. Except unlike King Malcolm X did not believe in nonviolence. He practiced the exact opposite of that. He said that he would do whatever is necessary to get the job done. He also focused a lot of time into Islam. Malcolm X taught that black people are the original people of the world, that white people are devils and that blacks are superior to white individuals.

The Dr. of Peace

The man who did what was necessary

SImilarities and Differences

  • Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X had a lot of similarities and differences with their teachings. Some similarities are that they both had a love for their people. They both also wanted African Americans to have the best life they could have without having discrimination towards them. They both had a goal that they wanted to accomplish for the black people and that was to give them civil rights. Leaders of all time says, " Some of the similarities between the famous Louis Riel, Martin Luther King Jr.,Malcolm X and Mahatma Gandhi are that they have all made a mark in history and they have impacted the world in some sort". This proves to be true for both men because they both affected the civil rights movement.
  • Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. had some similarities but they had more differences. One difference between the two is their religious standpoints. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Christian and Malcolm X was a Muslim. Another difference there was, was the results that both men wanted. King wanted everyone to coexist peacefully and wanted everyone to be seen as an equal. But Malcolm wanted there to be a separation between the blacks and the whites. But one major difference between the two was their ways of getting the point across. Martin Luther King Jr. was all for nonviolence whereas Malcolm X was for violence.
  • King's methods can be described by, "Before I was a civil rights leader, I was a preacher of the Gospel. This was my first calling and it still remains my greatest commitment. You know, actually all that I do in civil rights I do because I consider it a part of my ministry. I have no other ambitions in life but to achieve excellence in the Christian ministry. I don't plan to run for any political office. I don't plan to do anything but remain a preacher. And what I'm doing in this struggle, along with many others, grows out of my feeling that the preacher must be concerned about the whole man" (Why Jesus called a man a fool). And Malcolm X's teachings can be summed up by the quote, "Our objective is complete freedom, justice, and equality by any means necessary".
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