My Travel Journal

By: Jeong-yoon K.

Mexico Cit's Government

So I'm Mexico City right now and I've discovered a lot of amazing things so far. Though with all the amazing thins, I can only describe one. Since Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, I've decided to write about how government affects Mexico.

First off is their government in Mexico. If you visit they have a republic just like we do. The president has the most control over the government. So when I got to Mexico City i didn't meet the president, though I did meet the mayor. He told me, "We are trying to fix the debt."

The debt that he was talking about was major, which were from oil prices. When I went to a gas station, you'll that those prices are a lot higher. So oil prices skyrocketed and Mexico had to take loans. Now when I went to a gas station, the prices seemed a lot lower. So when walked on to an alley, I saw a lot of homeless people. I talked to them and asked they were all here. At first they didn't answered then they spoke. They ally simply replied, "The government unemployed us for the debt."

As a result of this, many people want to join the government. So I saw quite a few different types of agencies. Although they have a good government, I saw quite a few drugs. So I went back to the mayor, or Miguel Angel Mancera, he said they had no effect over this. So when I went back, quite a few people offered me drugs.

So in all, Mexico is great. The government may need a bit more to a help, problems. You know what Miguel Angel Mancera says, "We the people can solve our problems.

Miguel Angel Mancera

St. Martin's Geography

I went to St. Martin, which is in the Caribbean, and found some amazing things. First of which were two ethnic groups, which tear their heads off. The other two parts would be their airport and Geography and Climate.

So when the Dutch settled, they took the southern part of the country. Then the French came years later and took the other side. As a result of this they share the same island. Though when I came through the borders, they were getting along fine. They both welcomed to their side of the island borders.

Though they have that, the main tourist attraction is their airport. When I look on the ground it look like holes were there, and I assumed it was a military base, which was near a beach. Right when I got out of the airport, sand slammed into my face. It nearly blinded me! After that was over I looked around for what had caused it. Boy was I surprised, it was an airplane.

I quickly realized that I was on a beach. With the land stretched so close I realized it was the airplane. Though what hit me was a monsoon a tropical wind. They also do have a nice tropical climate.

So I'm leaving right now and look at a huge mountain. Then we lifted at an upward movement. I realized that maybe I didn't want to go to St. Martins ever again.

Peru's Economy

So now I'm at Peru for tourist reasons. Why? Since they have had an economic growth. So I'm going to talk about Peru, or specifically Lima, or Peru's capital, and their current day economy.

They've had a major economic drop from the 1900s. Now I figured that they have a really good economy, raising by the year. So when I came through a neighbor, I found great homes. Then I went to more quiet places.

I found out a lot of things there. A lot of people were poverty and were homeless. I decided to leave and go back to the city and made me work in a mine. Right I you walked in I found some charts for good reason. One said that they are the leading industrialized places. I mined out some and copper, which they export.

Which gets me to Port Callao. I carried my gold to export when I found a bunch of interesting things. It's where most of the imports come and go. Even with all the jobs, half of the population is in poverty.

So I'm leaving now and I've figured a lot of things. Like they are the leaders in industry. Though negative side is that half the population is in poverty.

Brazil's History

I have traveled back in time and wondering why I'm here. I mean, why Brazil of all places. So I've decided to write about it in a journal.

It's the early 1400s here and I'm sick and tired. Stuck on this ships for how many weeks now. I'm sick of the sea after travel and also shivering. Many people here are are shivering too. I go up to a person and ask why they are here. They replied, "To escape poverty." The captain of this expedition is Pedro Alvares Calaal, who was sent by the Europeans.

We've finally reached Brazil and there are lots of Natives. More than a thousand from what I can see. From what happened after we settled was freighting. I enslaved the slaves to work on sugar, which was the main export. Since many died, we had to bring more from other countries.

After civilization on June 7th, 1494 the Treaty of Tordesillas was created. It's purpose would say that land etc. would get separated between the two countries. So the Portuguese stated that they should get the west side while Spain would get the east. Then after further remarks, I suggested that Alexander VI (Spain) should get more land. In the end for the Spain it was ratified in 2 July 1494.

Now as I walk through Brazil I see what I have done. Mostly from the Treaty but also from settlement. Though I can only see a few wonders, I'm happy I could see a few.