UNO integer game

Play the new and improved UNO math game!


Our game is Uno. Caitlyn, Krystal, Nick, and I will teach you a new fun math version of Uno. That even the people that hate math will love. Scroll down and let your mind be blown!!

The steps

  1. If a person has a card and it says -7 + 8. they would lay that card down and the person with the answer would have to slam down the answer which would be 1 before any body else could.
  2. If the card with positve 1 was blue somebody would haft to slam down a blue negative 1.
  3. Then another person would have to figure out the formula that equaled -1 and slam that down before any body else could.
  4. At the end the person with the last card would scream UNO but before he or she wins (it) will haft to draw a card and figure the equation out. If he does not get the equation right he is out of the game, and the game will continue
  5. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. A wild card= If somebody pulls a wild card you will choose a color on the card you choose. There will be a integer problem, you will haft to answer the problem be for someone else does. If someone else answers the problem before you do they can steal your wild card and you will haft to get two cards from the stack.
  7. Skip= You have choose to answer a word problem, but the person ahead of you gets to make up. If you get it wrong you get skipped. Get it right and you don't get skipped.