Geghis Khan's website!

This is a kings website (Robby Rice helped me)

What did I do?

I was originally a farmer, but I became a king. I was famous because I was a vicious king. I captured and concurred many cities and tribes.

My (Kind of) auto biography.

First of all, as you know I am a king, a great one! My grandchild is Kublai Khan. I killed millions of people. I was very successful at making an army. It's better to be on my side than on the side I'm not on. Just saying.

Places you SHOULD know:

When did important things happen?

I was born around 1155. Also, I "died" around August 18, 1227. I married at 16.

Why did I become a king?

I became a king because I was great warrior and I had great warriors. I gathered people to fight with me.

How did I die?

The reason is uncertain, but many say I fell of my horse because of old age and fatigue. The worl may never know.