NEWSLETTER 4 March 2021

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Kia ora koutou

This week we have a very newsy newsletter, so please take time to read all the exciting happenings at school.

Our School Councillors are wearing their jackets with pride and are busy organising their first event for one of our students, Giarni Thomson Dockery, who has been facing tough times recently.

Classroom programmes are well underway, our first round of assessments have been undertaken and teachers are working to ensure next step learning is in place for all.

The Board of Trustees has recently purchased a number of ipads, chromebooks and leased more ipads to ensure we have one device between 2 students, and with a number of students bringing their own device we are almost one to one.

At any time in the future should we go in to Lockdown we will be ready to continue with Distance Learning.

Sports Trials have been undertaken, teams selected and there is a call out for assistance in coaching teams later in the newsletter. Interschool sports are on the calendar and eagerly looked forward to.

Next week there is major road disruption along South Road, diversions are in place, please read further information at the conclusion of this newsletter.

The Board of Trustees has opted into the Food in Schools Lunch Programme- this will operate 5 days per week beginning in Term 2. Further details to follow.

We are delighted to announce the "Lunch Shack" will continue to provide lunches on Fridays beginning tomorrow for the remainder of this term - get all orders in by 9am. Details follow.

Put your feet up and enjoy catching up with all our happenings.

We observe Taranaki Anniversary on Monday, enjoy, school will be closed.

Ngā mihi nui

Neryda Sullivan


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Dawn Mendes - Whanau Leader

Ko Taranaki te Maunga

Ko Patea te Awa

Ko Aotea te waka

Ko Ngati Ruanui te iwi

Ko Ngati Tupito te hapu

Ko Pariroa Pa toku Marae

No Patea ahau

Ko Dawn Mendes taku ingoa

This year I am the Tangahoe Whanau Leader. I will be working with and leading Rooms 7,8,9 and 10. Our current focus is building a strong whanau culture to support our learners to be the best they can be. I am also leading Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (PB4L) in our school and this term we are focused on implementing our new Kauri Values and "Positive Behaviour" in classrooms and around our school community.

Melissa Henare

E āku iti, E āku rahi, tēnā koutou katoa

Ko Taranaki te maunga

Ko Urenui te awa

Ko Tokomaru te waka

Ko Urenui te marae

Ko Ngāti Mutunga te iwi

Ko Debbie Tuuta raua ko Samuel Henare ōku mātua

Ko Melissa Henare tōku ingoa.

I was born in South Taranaki, however raised in North Taranaki in a small town called Urenui and Whaitara. This piece of paradise installed some of my many passions in particular kapa haka, education, sports and iwi kaupapa.

I am a very proud Māmā of two teenage daughters and my first mokopuna is due to arrive in April this year.

My new journey down South Taranaki has already strengthened my whakapapa links for my whānau, reconnecting with friends and family, I've met so many new wonderful people and have been welcomed with open arms.

I am co teaching with Whaea Dawn Mendes this year in rooms 9 & 10 alongside Whaea Kathryn and Matua Tuki. Installing and upholding our Kauri values are at the forefront and developing across curriculum learning areas. I have also been given the opportunity to work alongside Matua Russell Hockley in kapa haka and Whaea Ahinekura Crawford as Sport Coordinator this year.

I'm loving the new challenges but none of this would be possible or enjoyable if it weren't for the amazing, supportive staff at Hawera Intermediate School.

Webster Kwangari

Kia Ora,

Ko Webster Kwangwari taku ingoa.

I am fairly new to New Zealand, having come over this side from the Middle East (United Arab Emirates) in August 2019.

I moved over together with my wife Esther and our four daughters. We have all grown so much in love with New Zealand in general and Hawera in particular. Everyone we meet treats us as family. This year I am happy to be working with a fine group of young and promising adolescents in Room 8. I also look forward to meeting our parents and caregivers to discuss how best we can help our students.

Des Bain

Hi, I am the teacher in Room 7 and am looking forward to working alongside Whaea Deb and our tamariki in 2021. I was born and raised in South Taranaki and after spending a year teaching at my old primary school in Eltham I am very happy to be back at Hawera Intermediate. I enjoy exercising and playing soccer, which helps to balance out my love of food.
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Are you an enthusiastic parent who wants to be involved with your child's school and education? Then join our PTA.

The Parent and Teachers Association (PTA) is a group of parents and teachers who work together to raise money through various fundraising events e.g. raffles, sausage sizzles, discos, etc to help cover the shortfall of money given to our school by the Ministry of Education. All money raised by the PTA is given back to the school for the purchase of resources we would all like our children to have access to.

If are interested in hearing more about what we do, please contact Kylie at surgenork@hi.school.nz or 021 980 627

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Aim High! Get Involved!

The Pathway offers students an opportunity to get fully involved over their two years at Intermediate earning badges to sew onto their uniform, wearing their achievements with pride.

There are four areas where students can earn points: Sport, Community, Academic and Cultural. For every event in which a student takes part, they may claim the allocated points and once they have earned enough, they may apply for a badge. With enough badges earned, a student may apply to get onto the School Honours Board at the end of their time in Year 8. Please note the necessary points to earn badges.


To achieve Honours, students must:

* Have a minimum of three Excellence awards and 1 Merit

* Submit a completed PTS card to Whaea Lania for verification and signing.

* Lodge an application for Honours to be presented at Prize Giving. This is at the discretion of Whaea Lania and the Senior Leadership Team.

* Have had correct uniform and shown exemplary behaviour 100% of the time.


Students can choose to complete badges as part of their Pathway to Success, these are collected from Whaea Lania in Rm 5. There are a range of specific Maths and Science badges and other general badges including photography, ABC, passion projects (inquiring into an interest), cultural, history and more. They are available on the school website if you want to have a look at them and make some choices before going to see Whaea Lania.

· Each badge has a range of activities listed, which are allocated stars/points.

· An activity that is one star/point is a simpler one, which can be completed relatively quickly, and three stars/points is more complex and will take a lot more time.

· Students complete 20 stars/points selecting activities they prefer from those listed on the badge description page.

· These badges are an independent, student selected, inquiry based extension opportunity, which is done at home instead of having ‘homework’.

· Students are welcome to seek support from their teachers or Whaea Lania if needed.

· Once completed, badges are handed to Whaea Lania for marking, which may take a couple of weeks, then badges and certificates are given out in assembly/whanau hui.

· Students have their whole two years to complete the badges, there is no timeframe.

· Students can be working on more than one badge if they choose.

· These activities will encourage our students to be independent, practice research skills, consider and trial various presentation methods and manage their time, all valuable life skills for their future.

· Work can be presented digitally or on paper, it needs to be high quality, the students best efforts, and any information researched needs to be put into students own words.

There is no pressure to complete the badges, if you have a busy week and it gets put aside that is fine. When you finish it you hand it in. There is a cutoff in November for end of year processing which will be on the notices and in the newsletter.

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We are aiming for 95% attendance in our school, as research clearly shows student learning reduces if they do not attend. We also know that Term One is usually the highest attendance and attendance can often decline from there. We need your help to reach this goal. When you explain your child's absence e.g. family holiday or at an event, it will be recorded with a Ministry of Education code onto our system. It could be J for justified as described below, T for truant if we receive no explanation, O for overseas, M for medical, or E for explained which means you have explained the reason however it does not fit MOE criteria.

The Ministry of Education only accepts the following as justified absence reasons:

*Cultural or sporting representation (Regional or National)

* Bereavement

* Force majeure - road closure, flooding, bus breakdown, car accident or fire

* Exceptional family circumstances (many of these can be very sensitive and involve other agencies - domestic violence, protection order, family separation etc. (please ring the office and speak to a senior leader)

* Illness/or Hospitalisation - medical certificate required after three days.

* Appointments other than medical or dental

* Exam leave (ballet/music exam etc.)

* Bullying or other issues around attending – while awaiting follow up.

At the end of each term we send out letters to parents of students who have 6% or more absence. You can see on the letters what codes were used for the explanations.

If there are incorrect codes on your letter please let us know and we can fix them. It is a way of ensuring parents are aware. We all know the days can add up over time and it can easily be more than you think. We appreciate your help by texting, phoning or sending a note to the class teacher or the office to explain your child's absence.

Students who have attended every day will receive a 100% Attendance Certificate and a point on their Academic Pathway, as attendance is a key factor in academic progress. We understand and appreciate it when you keep your child home if they are unwell or particularly tired, we just ask that you let the office know. Please be aware we do take illness into consideration for 100% purposes.

Class teachers are also aware of each individual's attendance percentage and will try to motivate students to attend.

Another area where we would particularly ask that you help is consistent lateness. Occasionally things may happen at home, which result in a child being late to school, but some students (many who walk to school) are late every day. Letters to inform families of this lateness are sent home each term to remind families of this matter. Often when students are late, they end up missing out on important instructions, which puts them at a disadvantage for the rest of the day. We would appreciate your help getting your children to school on time.

When attendance is irregular, you will hear from the class teacher initially, to see if we can help work out what the barriers are to improving this. If there is no improvement from that discussion you will meet with school leaders and if we cannot resolve the situation the student will be referred to Attendance Services who will follow up through the Rock On process. Our goal is to work together to have good attendance and great learning progress on our pathways to success!

If you have any attendance concerns, queries or need support in any way please contact Trisha via the office.

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Please sign in at the office

The Health & Safety at Work and Vulnerable Children's Acts, require all visitors to our school site to sign in at the office, where further direction will be given if needed. This does include parents and caregivers, as the school has significant responsibilities around the safety of and access to our students. We can not have anyone who is not staff going directly to the classroom areas during learning time. If you need to speak with or collect your child during the school day for any reason, the procedure is to go to the office and Dizzy and Nic will send a runner to get your child. All students leaving our site during the school day need to sign out, and sign back in if they return e.g. after an appointment. Both Acts require the school to be accountable for every person, especially in the event of a traumatic incident - such as a fire! Thank you for your support with this, we know you are sometimes in a hurry and it can be time consuming, however should there be a significant incident we will all appreciate the process.

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Over the years, maintaining a pastoral focus (being focussed on wellbeing – of students and staff) has significantly impacted on our management of incidents, leading to improved learning outcomes. In 2013 we joined Positive Behaviour for Learning School Wide, and have continued to work on our implementation of this. It has been an interesting journey and as we pulled all the pieces together we noted significant reductions in behaviour incidents along with substantial academic progress made. In 2020 we implemented Culture Counts, Relationship Based Learning (RBL), merging both in 2021 to KAURI.

As adolescents, our students need to take increasing responsibility for their own choices and learn to manage their learning and behaviour independently, in order to have success both in the secondary system and as citizens of society. Identifying and making the right choices is paramount to success. Daily teaching of the KAURI values supports this development.

Our School Expectations

  • Our students and staff are expected to respect themselves, respect others and respect the community.
  • There are daily KAURI lessons based around our expectations supported by videos and quotes to reinforce learning and teaching.


  • To maintain consistent behaviour management practices across our entire school all year.
  • To maximise learning time to ensure our students make the most of all learning opportunities.
  • To develop respectful, responsible citizens of our community
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What's it all About?

2Nuicode is a science computer program we are learning at the Ngati Ruanui building in Hawera. The teachers are Matua Vincent and Whaea Nicola. They are teaching us about coding using code.org, this is a website with coding games.

Coding is where you use a programming language to get a computer to do what you want it to. Every line of code tells the computer to do something,

On code.org my personal favourite is DanceParty, where you code the animals to appear and dance. It is fun because there is lots of music and dance moves.

There is so much coding in the world and I love that I'm a part of this group. Thanks to Ngati Ruanui and Mr Crawford from Hawera intermediate for giving us this fun opportunity.

By Cohen Soothill

A Reminder

Please remember that school will be closed on Monday as we celebrate Taranaki Anniversary.

This day commemorates the creation of the Taranaki province. Originally called New Plymouth province, it was renamed to Taranaki in 1859.

Enjoy a long weekend!

School Immunisation Information Videos

Please click below to view

Public Health Nurses have been in school distributing information for parent perusal and consent. It is important you return the form completing either the yes or no section. These are the routine vaccinations that continue from childhood - MMR for Year 7 and HPV for Year 8.

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This term, Year 8 Students have cast moulds using clay and melted crayon to create an identity symbol.

These framed works represent the student’s individual and corporate identity.

The key focus was to create a safe environment for individual expression and to celebrate how 'Wonderful' they are through challenging and 'Weird' creative tasks.

The goal is for all students to have a sense of belonging within the kura thus creating a turangawaewae.

If you would like to view some of these 'weird and wonderful' art works they are currently on display in our Admin block .

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Due to circumstances beyond our control Whanau Swimming Day which was to be held today, Thursday 4th March, has been cancelled.

Swimming Sports held on Thursday 11th March will now run both the heats and the finals on the same day.

From this event a team will be selected to complete in the interschool swimming sports in New Plymouth on Friday 19th March. More information will come out closer to the event.

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Netball season is fast approaching and it's that time of year again where we need to start organising trials, uniforms, gear bags, selecting teams and asking for potential coaches to make themselves know.


Trials this year will be as follows:

Year 8 players

Tuesday 9th March 3:30-5pm

HIS Netball Courts

Year 7 players

Thursday 11th March 3:30-5pm

HIS Netball Courts


This year we are having three independent experienced selectors choosing players. We ask that parents and whanau please respect our selection process. If you think a genuine error has been made then please contact Whaea Melissa Henare after the trials. We traditionally have around eight teams and will look at having no more than this. This is a closed trial so we respectfully ask that whanau do not attend.

If your child is interested in playing Saturday netball please ensure they have got a netball notice and attend the trials on these dates.


We have now completed our summer sport trials where all students have had the opportunity to trial for two different summer sports. Teams will now be selected from these trials to represent Hawera Intermediate at the Summer Sport Exchange on Tuesday 13th April against other North Taranaki Intermediate Schools, and will have practices most Fridays between 11:40am -12:40pm. Those students who are not selected will be involved in elective activities during this time.

We would welcome any parents who would like to help out alongside the teacher in charge in the following sports Tennis, Padder Tennis, Touch, T-Ball, Volleyball, Ki-o-Rahi, cricket, and nonstop cricket.

Please contact the school office.


Do you have a passion for sport and working with intermediate age children? We are looking for parents/supporters who would like to coach a sports team over the year, You will need to complete or have a current police vet with our school. These are available from our school office.

Sports are after school:

  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Rugby
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To finish the Great Reading Race, students have to read 30 books from our school/town library or from books they may already have at home. They have 2 years to read 30 books but some do the Race more than once a year.

The first time they complete the Race earns them 1 point to go on their academic record card. They also receive a certificate and book mark and get their name in the school newsletter.

We have selected 15 different genres and students have to read 2 books of their choice from each genre. This encourages them to read books they wouldn't normally choose for themselves thereby extending their vocabulary, knowledge and learning.

Each book must be signed off either by a parent at home OR, our Library Manager will sign books off asking them 3 questions about the book to make sure they have read it properly. If you choose to sign off your child's book, this is a great way of encouraging them to read and see how well they are doing.

Each student has a car with their name on it which moves along a road each time a book is signed off. This is displayed on a wall in our library.

You may like to encourage your child to join the Reading Race, as research has shown that the more they read the better they become at reading.


Lucky Book Club catalogues have been handed out to students over the last week. We would like to stress that orders are NOT placed through the school office, but need to be completed online directly to the Book Club.

Lucky Book Club provides your family with an affordable and convenient way of bringing the best in children's literature into your home.

Book Club orders also support our school, as 20% of your order spent goes back to our school in valuable Scholastic Rewards.

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Congratulations to the following students

Room 1: Erina Frearson and Jack Wasley

Room 2: Russell Hockley, Locky Shelton and Maia Hori

Room 4: Brooklyn Lake and Gemma Barkla

Room 5: Afeef Ridzuan and Peysha Hawira

Room 6: Casey Duffy and Theo Soothill,

Room 7: Aston Soothill and Cameron Kelbrick

Room 8: Noah McNaughton and Emily-Rose Davis - (Absent from photo)

Room 9: Cody Tantrum and Delila Tun

Room 10: Izzy McMahon, Ranginui Baller and Te Kingi Morehu-Hanikawhe

Room 11: Tiama Hill, Zoe Smith and James Nickel

Room 12 George Le Quesne and Cameron Tong

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Congratulations to the following students who have been named as Sport Leaders for 2021

Room 1: Nathan Baylis, Wills Griggs

Room 2: Kyarhn Granville, Sonic Luke, Turi Broughton

Room 4: Marley Best, Jaxon McDonald

Room 5: Levi Anderson, D'vah Laupama

Room 6: Saige Smith, Aaron Barkla

Room 7: Bailey Davis, Rhiaana Thompson

Room 8: Olivia Fagan, Elaina Jones

Room 9: Cody Tantrum, Marius Aholelei

Room 10: Kordae Ross, Rawiri Kahu-Monu

Room:11 Tayne Katene-Rowlands, Kayden Rangi

Room 12: Amber Napflin, George Le Quesne

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Taranaki Children's Track and Field Championships...

were held in TET stadium, Inglewood recently with participation and success by some of our students. Congratulations to the following for your effort and dedication:

Tayne Rowlands-Katene, Kaden McPhail, Maika Rauputu, Kaylee Tweeddale, Izzy McMahon and Maluapapa Manutai


For the remainder of Term 1, students are able to order their school lunch from the Lunch Shack on a Friday, starts tomorrow! Orders need to be placed BEFORE 9am in a named envelope with the correct monies - we are not able to give change. Orders are collected in class by Monitors.


Hot dog $3.50

Mince Pie $4.00

Mince and Cheese Pie $ 4.50

Mac and Cheese $4.00

Sugar Donut .50c

Mini Pump $2.00

26 February - Friday, School Sport Trials

8 March - Monday, Taranaki Anniversary - SCHOOL CLOSED

11 March - Thursday, School Swimming Sports

19 March - Friday, Interschool Swimming Sports

24 March - Wednesday, School Photos

2 April - Friday, Good Friday

5 April - Monday, Easter

6 April - Tuesday, Easter

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SH3 South Road Hawera, Road Works are planned around our school, 9 – 23 March from Monday – Friday 5am – 8pm.

While the road works are taking place there will be detours in place.

North bound traffic will be detoured down Puriri Street and South bound traffic will continue on SH3, Stop / Go traffic control and speed restrictions of 30km/h will be in place. Delays could be up to five minutes.

Please ensure your car is not parked on South Road when work is happening and we suggest you talk to your children about safety near roadworks. Manawapou Road could be a good place to collect your child.

Please be patient and keep our children safe when dropping them off and picking them up.

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