Perseverance newslrtter

Learn about people that overcame obstacles by Tyler Hing

"Enduring is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that they final victory comes."-Buddha

Perseverance is never giving up no even if people don't think you will succeed.The Carl haden never stopped even if they knew they wouldn't win. Caine built a cardboard arcade but no one took it very seriously but he never stopped trying to get people to play. Nadja never stopped trying to get through the tough times. Bruce Lee never stopped making movies even though some people didn't like his movies.
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Bruce Lee (description)

In the time he that he lived there wasn't alot of diverse actors. Asian actors we're not common. Actors that were asian played the villains or asians were played by white actors. He was persistenced and determined

Nadja salerno-sonnenberg (cause and effect)

She went to Julliard school of music. Wasn't as good as the other students. She idled and felt inadequate. Causing her to feel depressed and not play the violin anymore. Wasn't eating healthy. Didn't practice for a long time.
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Oscar (sequence)

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Lorenzo (problem and soluction)

Lorenzo was a complacent person at first.He used to be in a gang and was kind of combative.Then he joined the robotics team. Help build and find cheap also easy solutions. The robotics team kept him out of trouble.