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September 2016

Fall Convention!

Fall convention is coming quickly! You can register onsite, but to skip the $25 onsite fee, register by tomorrow, September 25th. Take a peek at the great line up of speakers at www.wvta.com. Topics range from anesthesia, rehabilitation, exotics, equine & much more.

Convention Reminders & Information

We are excited to see those of you who have signed up for convention this year... here are a few reminders...

  • Parking at the Alliant Energy Center costs $7 and they only take cash.
  • If you are planning on registering onsite, please go straight to the WVTA counter and not the regular registration area. Feel free to feel out the registration form ahead of time to save time.
  • Registration opens at 7am each day. The lines get really long at 7:45am so don't wait until the last minute if you are hoping to catch an 8am lecture and not be late.
  • New this year: There will be a concession stand open in the back of the exhibit hall on Thursday and Friday only from 12:30-4:30... free free to get your soda and munchies for the afternoon there.
  • Dress attire is business casual
  • We will have stethoscope charms, cups and a limited selection of fleeces for sale at the WVTA office throughout convention.
  • Proceedings will be sent via email to convention registrants on October 10th, 2016.
  • Packets are being sent daily, please be patient, all membership packets should be finished being delivered to those who wanted them by October 15th.
  • Moderators are still needed for convention. If you are interested, please email jendodge@wvta.com with the speaker you are interested in moderating for. Moderators receive convention discounts.

Friday & Saturday Speakers

Heidi Reuss-Lamky, LVT, VTS (Anesthesia & Analgesia, Surgery)

Ms. Heidi Reuss-Lamky graduated from Michigan State University’s Veterinary Technology Program in 1984. She has extensive experience in general practice, and since 1993 has devoted her technical expertise to the surgical department of specialty hospitals. Since 2006, she has been affiliated with Oakland Veterinary Referral Services in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

She became board-certified in anesthesia through the Academy of Veterinary Technicians in Anesthesia and Analgesia in 2003, and served on the credentials committee

from 2005 to 2009. She served in the president’s role on the Executive Board of the Michigan Association of Veterinary

Technicians from 2007 to 2009. She was a charter member of the Academy of Veterinary Surgical Technicians and is currently serving in the president’s role. In January of this year,

she was invited to sit on the editorial review board for Today’s Veterinary Technician Journal.

She has lectured at national and international veterinary meetings and written numerous papers on anesthesia and surgical-related topics. She authored chapter 11 in Susan Bryant’s Anesthesia for Veterinary Technicians, published in 2010, and most recently published an article entitled ‘Purr-fect Feline Anesthesia’ in the March/April 2016 issue of Today’s Veterinary Technician. She was also honored to receive the 2013 NAVC Dr. Jack L. Mara Memorial Lecturer award.

She currently shares her home with her husband, Bryan, and 4 dogs, 2 cats, an African grey parrot and pond koi. In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding, gardening, travel, lecturing, and quenching her never-ending thirst for knowledge.

Jeannie Willems, LVT, RVT, BS

Jeannie grew up loving animals. She continued this passion into her College career by attending Morrisville College and Lake Erie College, earning an AAS in Horse Husbandry and a BS in Equestrian Studies, respectively.

Along with the many jobs Jeannie has held with animals, she also successfully bred Thoroughbred race horses for 15 years. It was important to her to able to place all the horses she bred with good, caring homes for a second career after they were done racing.

After working in a mixed practice veterinary hospital in the Rochester, NY area, Jeannie continued her education by attending Medaille College and receiving her AS in Veterinary Technology. She served on the New York State Association of Veterinary Technicians Board and the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians as Secretary, and is currently the Immediate Past President for the AAEVT.

Currently, and for the past 16 years, Jeannie has worked for Nutramax Laboratories in many different capacities. Jeannie is currently the Quality Assurance Technical Writer at Nutramax.

Jeannie also enjoys educating veterinary professionals as well as pet/horse owners on important animal health issues.

Ann Wortinger, BIS, LVT, VTS (ECC, SAIM, Nutrition)

Ann is a 1983 graduate of Michigan State University, and got her specialty certification in Emergency/ Critical Care in 2000, in Small Animal Internal Medicine in 2008 and in Nutrition in 2013. Ann is active in her state, national and specialty organizations, serving on a variety of committees and positions.

Pedro Luis Rivera, DVM, FACFN, DACVSMR

Pedro Luis Rivera, DVM, FACFN, DACVSMR graduated from Purdue University, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1986. He has been practicing integrative veterinary medicine and in particular Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation Therapy and Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy with emphasis in functional neurology for the last 22 years.

Dr Rivera is a Fellow of the American College of Functional Neurology and a proud Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr Rivera and Michelle Rivera are the owners and main program directors of the Healing Oasis Wellness Center, a nationally accredited and recognized school (under the US Dept of Education) providing state approved post-graduate certification programs (under the Educational Approval Board of Wisconsin) and approved by many national organizations (Veterans Affairs Office, RAIVE, RACE, and AHVMA to name a few) for licensed professionals.

Amy Newfield, CVT, VTS (ECC)

Amy is currently employed with BluePearl Veterinary Partners as the National Veterinary Technician Training Manager. In 2003 she became boarded as a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care. She currently sits on the Academy of Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Technicians board as the President-Elect. Amy is well published in over 15 subjects, is an international speaker, has received numerous awards and highly involved in her community. Most recently Amy was awarded the Speaker of the Year at the 2014 NAVC Conference as well as the 2015 Western Veterinary Conference Speaker of the Year. She lives in Massachusetts with her wonderful furry kids.

Amy Pauli, DVM, DACVO

Dr. Pauli graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine in 2003, and then completed an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. Following her internship, she completed a residency in comparative ophthalmology at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. She co-founded Madison Veterinary Specialists in 2012.

CVT, LVT, RVT, Veterinary technician, Veterinary nurse?? National Credential Initiative Web Conference

The goals of the initiative is for our profession to establish a nationally standardized credential requirement under a single title. A title change to veterinary nurse has also been suggested.

The topic is full of discussion. National Credential Task Force of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America has gathered information to share regarding topics surrounding the issue.

There will be a web conference on Monday and Tuesday September 26 & 27th that will cover similar topics presented at the NAVTA Leadership Conference including survey results, AVMA/NAVTA/AAVSB collaboration, Nurse practice act conflicts, and future plans.

More information regarding the progress of this initiative will follow in upcoming months.

The WVTA will have several board members attending this webinar. If you have comments or suggestions pertaining to this topic that you want us to address please email jendodge@wvta.com before Monday, September 26th at 5pm.

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2016-17 Open Board Positions

Greetings WVTA Members!

Convention time is just around the corner, which also means it's election time! I would like to thank all of our board members for their continued effort and support, we could not put on an awesome convention year after year without our board members!

Please see below for the open positions. We also have some positions such as district reps that are appointed by the board. If you are interested in any of these positions, please let us know.

Our elections are held at our Friday annual board meeting. We encourage everyone to attend but understand that this is not always possible. You do not have to be present to run for a position. The open positions are listed below. Please notify us if you are interested by Oct. 1st so we can start getting ballots together. After that point, your nomination can be added to the list the day of the ABM (someone will have to nominate you and you accept).

President Elect- President Elect (1st year of 3 year commitment) Open - The president elect’s role includes stepping in when the president is not able, recruiting members, being a positive leader for our district representatives and bringing ideas from the membership into the focus of the board. The president will guide and prepare you to step into the president’s role.

MAL 1 year - This is a great position for someone interested in helping the WVTA but is unsure of what they would like to help with. The best part of this position is its flexibility. This position allows you to implement suggestions from the membership to help make our organization grow stronger. This position encourages you to volunteer at spring CE and fall convention as well as any regional CE the WVTA provides.

Member at Large (2 year commitment) - This position focuses on the membership and provides feedback from the community. Just like the 1 yr member at large, this position gives you flexibility and encourages you to volunteer at any of our CE. Join any of our committees and see how you can make a difference!

State Program- This position is the brains behind the magic. This person works closely with our executive director overseeing and following through with the planning and execution of the spring lecture series and the fall convention. You will work closely with the district representatives to provide CE throughout Wisconsin. Are you organized and love leading a group? Do you like to travel and work with talented individuals throughout the state? This position might be for you!

Brynn Schmidt, BA, CVT, VTS (Anesthesia/Analgesia)

WVTA Past President