Family Story


Family story

Family Story



This is a true story It was a dark cold night.My family members grandpa and some orthers wanted to pull a prank on my grandpa Jimmy he got scared easy.They made a fracnstien suit.Then they planed to get my grandpa in the suit and put him in the car.Then tell My grandpa Jimmy to get some stuff out of the car.

Then give him some matches.So he can see the fracnstien suit with my grandpa is in it.So they put the plan in to action.Some of my grandma’s brothers thold Jimmy to get some stuff out of the car.He siad its dark.Heres some matches now go.

He said ok I will get whatever you want.He gets in the car sets in the passenger he doesn't know that he is going to be scared.He is looking in the glove box and he feels a hand on his shoulder and lights the match and sees fracnstien and screams.He is out of there he runs up the hill pass the street and keeps running.My grandma’s brothers scared him so much they don’t know where he is.

They heard a on the radio that someone saw a man screaming fracnstien.They started laughing again.It was 11:00 pm when he was running it was 6:00 pm.Where is he goten to.Its like he ran to Londen.

They hope he will get back soon.Hopefully he did not tell the police.Its 12:30 now how long is it going to take.Jimmy is on the other side of town.He almost got hit by a car.

He is on the train tracks.The track is stuck to his pants he lost his pants.He is running back to the house.He is sweating like crazy they shout hes back.He says you made me crap my pants.