Buenos Aires,Argentina

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Just walking through Buenos Aires,Argentina,through all the places and nature,people feel peaceful.Visit Buenos Aires,Argentina.


The absolute location is 34 36's,58 22'w.Also the relative location is right next to the Atlantic Ocean,warm,next to Uruguay,state.

place/physical characteristics

Buenos Aires has a humid subtropical that is mild with no dry season,constantly moist year round rainfall.Summers are hot and muggy with thunderstorms,winters are mild with precipitation from mid-lattitude cyclones.

place/human characteristics

Their language is spanish and others talk different,like lanfardo and their dance is era of tango.


It takes the name from the city of Buenos Aires.Which used to be the provincial capital until it was ferdalized in 1880.The current capital of the province is the city of La Plata,founded in 1882.

other info

First explored in 1516,juandiaz de solis argentina developed slowly under spanish colonial rule.Buenos Aires was settled in 1580 the castle industry was thriving as early as 1600.

human characteristics

Argentina now has bad deforestation soil degradation and desertification every year people are affected by earthquakes and volcanos.