Civano Community School

March 3, 2020

Moms' Night Out... a CPA fundraiser!

<< Saturday, May 2 >>

A wonderful evening of theater and time with your fifty percent of the ticket price will go directly to the Civano Parent Association.

Share this event with all the awesome women in your life and reserve your seats through the CPA website:

State Testing Is Around the Corner....

State testing (AzM2 for grades 3-8; AIMS Science for 4th and 8th grade) is just around the corner.

If you are able to provide snacks for your child's classroom, please sign-up on the Google Link: AZM2 Snack Sign Up

Please be sure your child brings a water bottle to class on testing days (just like every day!).

Please be sure your student has working headphones for testing.

Wireless earbuds are NOT permitted!

Of course -- good rest, good school attendance, nourishing meals, and healthy physical activity are great for your student everyday and during testing days as well.

The Big Switch - Welcome to Kindergarten!

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The Big Switch Grades 2-8

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Senior Exit Projects at EHS...

Seniors across Vail undertake the Senior Exit Project on their way to high school graduation. Presentations for these projects are scored by volunteers across the District -- people just like you!
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March Kitchen Volunteers...

We have a few slots remaining for March kitchen volunteers.

Please take a look -- and THANK YOU for the wonderful support you've shown us this year!


School Calendar....

You can find the Civano Family Calendar on our website or click HERE.

March 4 - Los Espookys Backpack Practice

March 5 - Carb Cult Backpack Practice

March 7 - 22 -- SPRING BREAK; No School

April 1 - Grades 2-5 AZM2 Writing Test

April 2 - Grades 6-8 AZMS Writing Test

April 6 - AIMS Science Test Grades 4 & 8

April 8 - AZM2 Math & Reading, Part 1, Grades 6-8

April 9 - AZM2 Math & Reading, Part 2, Grades 6-8

April 10 - NO SCHOOL

April 14 - AZM2 Math, Part 1, Grades 3-5

April 15 - AZM2 Math, Part 2, Grades 3-5

April 16 - AZM2 Reading, Part 1, Grades 3-5

April 17 - AZM2 Reading, Part 2, Grades 3-5

April 16 - 18 -- 8th Grade Backpacking Trip

April 24 - Field Day

April 30 - Big Switch, 9:30am - 11:00am