Albertas region

Rocky mountain region

Welcome to the rocky mountain region

Welcome to the rocky mountain region.The rocky mountain region covers half of the Alberta border.

where is the rocky mountain region

The rocky mountains region is located on the south west side of alberta.It is right beside the,Foothills,Boreal forest and the grass land regions.

wild life

Here is a list of the rocky mountain region wild life.
  1. fish
  2. bear
  3. deer
  4. fox
  5. wolves
  6. loons
  7. sheep
  8. mountain goat


In the rocky mountain region you can get warm winds called chinook but it can also be cold. So cold that you can see snow.The average high in July is 22.1○c and the low is 7.4○c.The average high in Decsember is -5.3○c and the low is -31.8○c.


In the rocky mountain region there are so many different plants.such as


One of the best jobs you can have is a ski instructor because there is snow in the winter, spring, and fall. There is also lots of mountains and skiers.

sports and recreation

Some sports are hiking,climbing,and makeing snow forts plus skiing.
  1. Snow ball fights
  2. Skating
  3. Ice fishing
  4. Snow boarding


The rocky mountain region has so many things to discover such as nature, wildlife and the beauty of the mountains.