My summer holidays.

Nikita Vetoshkin

My summer holidays was very interesting.

The weather was not nice in summer but I spent my summer holidays very interesting.

I went to the camp with my friends. I went with my grandparents to the country. Also I went to Egypt with my mother and friend.

JUNE went with

In June, I went to camp. There I studyed ballrom dancing. And in the middle of the June was concert for parents. We danced and then we went with my friend and parents to the Gulf of Finland. There we broiled over a campfire barbecue. And we played volleyball in the beach.


In July I went to the Egypt with my friend and mother. I was sunbathing, swiming there. The weather was very hot. I played football and volleyball. Also I studyed Windsurfing.I spent time when I was in Egypt very good.


In August I went to the country with my grandparents. I played football and rode bicycle there. When I came home I went to the ballroom dancing. I the end of month was competition of ballroom dancing.
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I spent my summer holidays very good!