by : Alexander period: 7th

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2 haikus 6 personal poem 10 acrostic poem

3 Halloween poem 7 apostrophe

4 concrete poem 8 companion



there it was standing

white with one red dot harmless too

flowing with life too.

the party began

there he was staring in blind

he sighed then left


swaying in the wind

then boom it stop to fast too

all there was is black .


there it was the house on the end of the block

it door seemed like a mouth and the window as eyes

then i walked in on a man with teethe meant to talk

then the door slammed he looked at me with dread

run coming out of his mouth

then he said or you'll be dead

screaming i ran

with in a blink of a eye

i saw the house get up and walking at me

it grad me and ate me and i feel in to its stoumch

trying to see in the darkness

when i felt somthing move

i fell back and ran

i saw a light with it wa sa pare of sciorrs

i grad them and ran

i triped fell on the sciorrs

i quckly bleed out and died


a wave,

as gentle

as can be,

is still strong enough

to wash


me .

with no warning

all in surprise

its the only thing i'm able to see

A Fish for One Day

i once had a fish

he was lovely and blue.

He had a little fin and was brand new.

I was so excited to finally have him,

I had asked my mom everyday.

Finally she gave me my little blue fish

and I got to play with him all day.

I carried him around in his tiny fish bowl

telling him of all the things we could do.

I just knew he would love me and

we would be best friends too.

We could swim in the pool or

maybe take a bath.

We could stroll by the pond

and visit his old friends.

No matter what we did together,

I never wanted it to end.

The day turned to night, and

I knew it was bedtime when my mom turned out the light.

I laid in my bed unable to see him swimming in the bowl,

so I decided he would be better off laying on my pillow.

We laid there through the night,

as I dreamed of everything else we would do,

but when I awoke he was dry and looked like he had a fright.

My mom said we could save him,

but there was only one thing we could do.

We had to let him go back to his family

and swim in the oceans too.

So I let him go swirling around and around,

to swim in the ocean and be with my poo.

Story Poem


i was woken up at three in the moring

the restroom light bruned my eyes

then hear a raw voice of a lie

saying that my uncle had died

i realized that i wa scrying in the fading light

then i went to the car got in it and my wela started to drive

we sat in silence for the ride then we got home and woke up my dad

we told him the bad news he got dressed then left

then my mom came in to the living room and said what you whatching

i said a scary moive

she said that it was his time

i finished the moive and went to be d

then to wake up to my fathers voice

we went a long our day like almost like nothing happen

we made stuff for our aunt so she could rest

not long after that there was a funarle

and his meriore still lives on


o swings o swings

how you rock me back and forth

creaking with every motion

going so high in the sky

making me feel like i'm going to fall

griping the chain tighter with every sway

letting the air go through my hair

o swings o swings


i try to scare you but you grip me so tight

you strech my chain as far theyll go

somr times i wonder if well take flight

i try not to go so high

i try to be fun

but every one gets hurt

how to be a big brother

you must get in fights with your sibling

blame stuff on there bibling

tell them stuff to scare like dog kibbliel
you got to change there shows and bragg about your pillages

then you got to say you have this and that

that is about it