Weekly Update

November 16th to 21st

Happy Monday!

Welcome to the official start of Winter Season!!! I'd welcome our winter girls, but you gals have been awesome and involved throughout the fall season. And for that, we thank you!

Wow - Pups are on a ROLL! What a great week it's going to be!

Unfortunately, we don't have a coach that's able to go over to State for soccer - so, instead we're going to make them a poster (to be unveiled at the Con on Wednesday), and I thought we could make then goodie bags to give them before they leave.


This quote of the week is for you guys to remember when you're cold and frustrated at games, especially with the lack of spirit from our own student body. You girls are awesome and are doing all you can to get everyone pumped at games. Remember, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. It is not your job to feed off of the crowd; the crowd should feed off of you. Regardless of student section spirit, you are there to cheer on our teams to victory!

Week Schedule:

- MONDAY: Winter squad practice 3-4:30 pm in the student center.

- TUESDAY: Nothing

- WEDNESDAY: Food Drive Con - senior Fall cheerleaders will unveil a sign for soccer.

- THURSDAY: Nothing

- FRIDAY: Nothing. Wear blue uniform to school, hair up with name bow.

- SATURDAY: FB at Prep vs. Woodenville with a 12:30 pm arrival. Wear warm-ups and name bow.


I need your pink poms by the end of this week!


Make sure you look at the December calendar in Schoology to get your schedule worked out.

The Santa Visit is Winter Squad, but if Fall wants to be there too, that would be awesome! The more the merrier!