BPA Updates

Minutes from 2/2/21 Meeting

Dates to Remember

February 10th, new statements will be sent out.

February 19th, Football game (itineraries will come out later)

February 26th, Football game (itineraries will come out later)

March 4th, Dress rehearsal for concert on the 5th

March 5th, Mid Winter Concert

All these dates and more can be found on the band website https://www.westjohnstonband.com/calendar

Football Game Updates

1) The first football game on February 19th is just a scrimmage, so while the band/dance team will be there, no spectators are allowed. It WILL be live streamed though, so we'll have a chance to test all of that out!

2) For the 3 home Varsity football games, we (Dance/Band) have been designated 24 tickets out of the 100 being sold. Band is currently expecting to be able to sell 20 tickets (Dance will take 4 for their senior parents). Tickets are $7 each. The BPA will be collecting the ticket money, and then the BPA will write a check to athletics for our tickets. Parents will need to pay the BPA for tickets. The names of parents who purchased tickets will be on a list that goes to the gatekeeper. When you arrive, tell the ticket collector your name is on the Fine Arts list for entry into the stadium. There will not be a physical ticket sold. Mr. Meade is meeting with senior parents tomorrow night to discuss their availability to decide on distribution of tickets. As a reminder, Senior parents will have priority at Varsity games. Details on ticket availability will be communicated soon.

3) By contrast, we can also attend JV Games, where we would likely be able to get around 40 tickets. JV Games are on Thursday nights on the weeks when Varsity is away. The date Mr. Meade is looking at is Thursday, April 1st, since there's no school the next day (Friday April 2nd is the beginning of Spring break!). Athletics recommends we pick 2 games, but Thursday nights on a normal week are hard since students have to get up and go to school the next day.

4) Outside of any stadium tickets (20 for Varsity and 40 for JV); we have 10 spots designated for essential help. These people can not sit in the bleacher area, but would be able to help with everything happening (Water, Medical, Set-up, etc.). Essential helpers would likely sit in lawn chairs on the hill next to the band when they are not assisting with band needs. We have also been allowed an additional 2 spots designated for a camera people who CAN be in the stands with the staff/students. If you are interested in serving as an essential helper or are a skilled photographer, please let us know. We will be putting together a list of those interested and we will plan on a rotation with a mix of new/experienced parents.

5) There is a 70% chance that Varsity games are being moved up to 6pm (normal time is 7pm) for this semester. We will communicate that as soon as the decision is made.

6) The band will be providing food in a safe manner for the students. Unless the weather is an issue, the students would eat in the courtyard. Parents will have the option of providing dinner for their student if they are not comfortable with the meal we are providing. We will be careful about sanitizing and serving only meals that we can hand out to individuals (as opposed to serving food from a container).

Reverse Raffle

Rules and Guidelines for 2021 Reverse Drawing and Raffle

The purpose of this drawing is to raise money for the Band and Ensembles. This years prizes will be determined before drawing begins and is based on number of tickets sold.

This announcement will take place on Facebook Live, Monday, March 29th at 7 pm

Prizes are as followed:

100 Tickets Sold = Grand Prize $1500

200 Tickets Sold = Grand Prize $3000

300 Tickets Sold = Grand Prize $5000

Winners will also be contacted by phone after the completion of drawing.

  • Ensure all the information is filled out on ticket stub. DO NOT misplace your ticket. You must be able to present your ticket to claim your prize.
  • Holder of the 1st ticket drawn will get (2) meal tickets for Redneck BBQ.
  • Additional prizes will be awarded throughout the night.

When the drawing is down to the last (5) tickets, the option to split the grand prize of the amount will be announced at the beginning of drawing. (The split option was selected on your ticket at the time of purchase.)

All (5) remaining tickets must have chosen the split option to end the raffle. If this is the case, the grand prize will be split 5 ways. If (1) or more selected NO to split, the drawing will continue until the NO selections are eliminated and we have all YES’s remaining. Those ticket holders will then split the grand prize.

The winners will be called by phone number provided on tickets stub at conclusion of drawing.

Winners MUST present ticket stub to collect prizes.

Each ticket holder is entitled (1) free plate from Redneck BBQ location at 210 HWY next to Hardee's. You most show ticket in order to receive your plate.

This is also an 80/20 split fundraiser, which means that 20% of each ticket sold will go back into your students IE account.

If there are any questions please reach out to Gene Wrench (westbandpresident@gmail.com ) or Kim Lynch ( westbandvpwaysmeans@gmail.com )

Chicken Truck March 13th

We will be holding another chicken fundraiser on March the 13. We are currently looking for volunteers. If you are interested, please sign up.

Any question, please reach out to Kim Lynch westbandvpwaysmeans@gmail.com

Winterfest (JCEC)

This event will be held on March the 6th. Volunteers and donations are needed!

Any questions, please reach out to Jessica Brown (westbandvplargeevents@gmail.com)

Uniforms/Need Volunteers to wash

Thursday during practice, Mary Lahr will be calling students in to be fitted for shako's, as well as those students who were not fitted during the marching season with a uniform. This is a good time for all students to find your marching shoes !! Make sure they still fit. Need a new pair?? Contact Mary Lahr Cain at mlcbootsie@gmail.com.

Also we are currently looking for volunteers to help wash uniforms. If you are interested, please reach out to Mary Lahr.