Impossible fold

The procedure to do this

The Information behind the illusion

Optical illusions have amazed people since time began. Many optical illusions require concentration, skill, and a great attitude. Today I am going to show you how to make one of the most popular illusions: the impossible fold.
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The material list (let's start crafting!)

The materials you need for this proceedure are paper, eraser, scissors, pencils, and colors are optional.

The first step (obviously)

To begin the proceedure, you can start drawing the cutting areas and the folding areas as shown. Make sure you do this precisely.

The second step (what's next?)

Furthermore, then start cutting the cutting areas and folding the folding areas (you can gently erase the areas before cutting and folding for better results).

The third step (we are still not done!?)

So then after that you fold one of the positions to make it look impossible (after all, it's an illusion).

The final step (don't worry; it's optional)

You can decorate the fold to conclude the proceedure if optional.

We still have one more thing.....

You can watch my video for visual instructions. Have fun!