"The Safe Foodhandler"

Situations/Examples that can lead to contaminating food DON'T DO THEM!!!!!

  • Not washing hands after using the restroom or after touching your phone things like that
  • sneezing or coughing or being sick around food
  • cross contamination for example using the same cutting board for cutting meat and vegetables and using the same knife on both
  • using dirty gloves
  • not using clean water to clean vegetables and other things ex. using the dishes water to clean them
  • using unclean utensils to make food
  • chemical hazards(sanitizers and cleaning products)
  • biological hazards(bacteria,fungi, and parasites)
  • physical contaminations(hair, fingernails,band-aids,glass)
  • having dirty fingernails that are to long can contaminate food
  • don't touch your face while messing with food
  • messing with hair
  • wearing a dirty uniform

The pictures below are showing how to contaminate food

Keep good personal hygiene!!!

  • take showers
  • wash hands correctly
  • wipe down surfaces with sanitizers
  • wash hands after handling cleansers
  • keep utensils clean
  • make sure you have a clean uniform
  • make sure you wash your hands after using the restroom and messing with raw food or something
  • wash hands after you touch your face or hair
  • keep fingernails short and clean
  • dry your hands with a paper towel
  • make sure if you have a wound cover it correctly
  • wear gloves when messing with food
  • keep hair pulled back with a hairnet
  • don't come to work if you are sick STAY HOME!!

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