Comparing and Contrasting

China and Russia

China and Russia:Economy

Compare: Russia and China both have been going down in their economy rate. China's economy is still going at an alarming rate, even though they have the 2nd biggest GDP in the world. Russia,who are trying to be cheap with goods and items, still are very low on economy.

Contrast: Russia is actually getting back on track and slowly making their way up in the market while China's economy still continues drop to rock bottom.

China and Russia:Politics

Compare: Both parties are Communists so they have somewhat of the same belief in what they think is right for their country

Contrast: China and Russia disagree with each others statements in communism, earlier this happened before and that created the Soviet-Split War, which ended much of the relationship of China and Russia

Conclusion:What do we think?

China and Russia really do have their disagreements, but sometimes, they have to push it aside to get forward a deal. If you look at it, you see that they have quite a bit in common and someday, they could work together again as allies.