Malta Ave February 2023 Newsletter

Malta Avenue Calendar

Thursday, February 16th- 5th Grade SPAC Dance Performance; 6:30 PM; Malta Ave Auditorium

Monday, February 20th- Friday, February 24th: February Vacation; No School

Tuesday, February 28th: Malta Ave PTA Meeting; 6:30 PM

The Great Kindness Challenge

A huge thank you to our student council for planning The Great Kindness Challenge, which was held during the week of January 23rd-January 27th. We kicked off the week with a schoolwide meeting on Tuesday, January 24th, led by our student council members. A big thank you to our special guests- Dr. Duca, Mayor Rossi, Dr. Burlingame, Deputy Heflin and Deputy Becker. We had a fantastic week in which students and staff were devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible.

Malta Ave Glow Dance

Our Glow Party on Friday, 1/27/23 was AMAZING! A huge thank you to our PTA for planning this event! Our students had a blast dancing, getting their faces painted, and playing games.

The Launching Pad

On Wednesday, February 8th, students from the Launching Pad, Ballston Spa Middle School’s theater/drama club, will be presenting to our students for 30 minutes in the auditorium. During their presentation, students will share information about their upcoming performance, Matilda Jr., the Musical. Our students will get a glimpse of what they will see if they attend the upcoming performance, and hopefully, be inspired to sign up for the Launching Pad in middle school.

SPAC Dance Residency

Our fifth grade students continue to work hard each week to learn their dance. It is incredible to observe the progress that our students have made in such a short period of time. Our students are looking forward to their upcoming performance on February 16th at 6:30 in the Malta Avenue auditorium. We could not be more excited to partner with SPAC to bring this incredible program to our school!

Character Education Word Of The Month Winners

Our character education word for January was respect. Congratulations to the following students who were nominated by Malta Avenue staff members:

Jeonghyuk Y., K

Calliope M., K

Blake L., K

Daymien B., K

Hazel S., 1

Henry K., 1

Beatrice L., 1

Levi M., 1

Iyla D.W., 2

Aurora T., 2

Finnley C., 2

Brantley P.-B., 2

Natalie S., 3

Liam S., 3

Camden E., 3

Bella S., 3

Georgia C., 4

Bryson S., 4

Roebling H., 4

Mark A., 4

Daniel H., 5

Allie B., 5

Minjun K., 5

Blake C., 5

Malta Man Sidekicks

This month, we have two character education word of the month overall winners. Our winners are: Henry K. and Bryson S. Congratulations Henry and Bryson! Thank you for exemplifying respect and embodying the Malta Way! Henry and Bryson will be our Malta Man Sidekicks.

Character Education Word Of The Month

Our character education word for February is Caring - kind - concern for others - thoughtful - understanding - compassionate - sympathetic - considerate - forgive others - help people in need

Faces of Malta Avenue

Name: Miss Michelle

Position: School Chef

Dream Vacation: Maui

Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden

Favorite Morning Beverage: Coffee

On Weekends I like To: Spend time with my 4 grandsons and watch my older grandson Daniel’s wrestling tournaments

Hidden Talent: Sign language

Favorite Movie: Twister and Blind Side

Book Recommendation: Best mystery story

Go-To Snack or Dessert: Patti Gallo’s chocolate chip cookies 😄

Person I’d Like to Meet: Saquon Barkley

What I love Most About Malta Avenue: The children and everyone 💜💜

I became an educator because: I want to serve food to our children

Name: Melinda { but prefer Mindy}

Position: School Chef

Dream Vacation: Greece

Favorite Restaurant: Raindancer

Favorite Morning Beverage: Coffee

On Weekends I like To: Attend grandchildren's sporting events and relax with my dogs

Hidden Talent: Crafting

Favorite Movie: The Blind Side

Book Recommendation: My Favorite book is Corduroy, by Don Freeman

Go-To Snack or Dessert: Chocolate wesson oil cake with peanut butter frosting

Person I’d Like to Meet: Christina Hall { would love her to remodel my home}

What I love Most About Malta Avenue: Everyone feels like family

I became an educator because: I wanted to make sure all children were fed at school.

PTA Update

Our January PTA meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 28th at 6:30 PM. Please utilize the link below to access the meeting:

Join the PTA to support this and all other events with your membership dues

Who to contact: Megan Fleury