Australia and its Local Sights,food and Government

Australia's Local Sights

Australia has many sights to see you will be suprised that they are not man made and that they have survived for so long. Some of the magnificent sights are ULURU,The Great Barriar Reef,Sydney Opera House,The Sydney Habour Bridge,Royal Botanic Gardens, Port Arthur and many many more.

Food In Australia

A Little bit about our food

The Food in Australia is different to many countries. Such as In Japan they have Sushi and Rice Paper Rolls and in Australia we eat things like meat pies, Fish and Chips, Seafood and much much more

And Here Is a little bit about our Government

Our current Primeminister Is Tony Abbot and here is some info on the senate.

(Please note: The High Court, sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns, declared the result of the election for senators in Western Australia void on 20 February 2014. A fresh election of six senators for that state will occur on 5 April 2014.)

    Current Senate

    Until 30 June 2014, party representation in the Senate is as follows:

    • Coalition - 34
    • Australian Labor Party - 31
    • Australian Greens - 9
    • Independent - 1
    • Democratic Labour Party - 1

    From 1 July 2014

    The outcome of the federal election on 7 September will see the numbers in the Senate change:

    • Coalition - 30
    • Australian Labor Party - 24
    • Australian Greens - 9
    • Palmer United Party - 2
    • Independent - 1
    • Democratic Labour Party - 1
    • Liberal Democratic Party - 1
    • Family First - 1
    • Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party - 1
    • Subject to election - 6

      Western Australia - The initial result

      The result of the initial count for Western Australia was:

        1. Liberal Party
        2. Australian Labor Party
        3. Liberal Party
        4. Liberal Party
        5. Palmer United Party
        6. Australian Labor Party

      However, following appeals from two candidates, on 10 October 2013 the Australian Electoral Commission agreed to conduct a recount. See the statement released by the AEC for more details.

      The recount

      The AEC released a further statement relating to the recount on 31 October, and announced the results on 2 November 2013:

        1. Liberal Party
        2. Australian Labor Party
        3. Liberal Party
        4. Liberal Party
        5. Australian Sports Party
        6. The Greens (WA)

      The Court of Disputed Returns

      On 15 November 2013 the Electoral Commissioner lodged a petition with the High Court, sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns asking that the Court settle a number of legal questions. On 20 February 2014, the Court ordered that the result of the election for senators in Western Australia be declared void. For more information, see the media releases issued by the AEC.

        The new Senate

        The new state senators will take their seats on 1 July 2014. The 2 new territory senators were sworn in on 12 November 2013, which was the first day of the new Parliament.

        The new Senate will potentially see the numbers on the crossbench rise to a record high of 18. Previously, the highest number was 13 in 2002-2005.

        Here is some info on the House of Representitives

        Last week in the House – 24 to 27 March 2014

        A summary of the work of the House and Federation Chamber

        Foreign real estate investment under review

        New inquiry announced by the House of Representatives Economics Committee

        Committee Public Hearing Schedule

        Public hearings scheduled for the next two weeks

        Northern Australia inquiry public hearings underway

        The first of more than 20 public hearings held in Canberra


        Role of the House of Representatives

        The House of Representatives has a number of important functions: it determines the government, debates and passes laws, watches over government administration and expenditure, and provides a forum for public debate on issues of national importance.

        • Members of Parliament

          There are currently 150 members who have been chosen at a general election to represent the interests of the community.

        • Powers, practice and Procedure

          If you would like to learn more about how the House of Representatives operates, how bills are made, and what happens on a sitting day, there are a number of documents that will help you understand.

        • Research and Education

          The House has published a number of guides to how the Parliament works. In addition other papers on parliamentary processes are available.

        • About the House of Representatives

          More information about how the House of Representatives operates, its history, the role of the Speaker, and the ways in which you can become involved in the work of the Parliament.

          Work of the House of Representatives

          • House of Representatives chamber documents

            Every sitting day a number of documents are published to let people know what business will be dealt with, and what decisions have been made by the House.

          • Bills in the House

            Most draft legislation (bills) are introduced into the House of Representatives. A bill must be agreed to in identical form by both the House and the Senate and assented to by the Governor-General before it becomes law.

          • Seating Plan for the House of Representatives

            Seating Plan for the House of Representatives - updated 14 May 2013.

          • Hansard

            Hansard is the name given to the transcripts of what is said in each House of Parliament and at public hearings.