The Me Project

Manveer Sanghera Me Project

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Who am I?

HI my name is Manveer Sanghera. i am a 15 year old boy, and i go to Louis Arbour secondary school. Some of my interests involve Cars, Science, swimming, sports, listening to music and video games. I like science because i enjoy doing experiments and learning new things. I like to work on cars and to learn about them, I prefer classic Muscle cars. My favorite subject in science is biology because i find it very interesting. My favorite type of music is rap. in the future i would like to have a occupation involving either biology or cars.

My Life Line

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My favorite things

My Leadership style

According to the quiz that i did, it said i had parts from each leadership type. It said i'm not a certain type of leader but i have a little bit a each.

My Influence

My main influences in my life has to be my family. Some external influences i had was swimming most of my life, my parents trusting me and letting me learn something by myself, and my parents always putting on music. Another influence that i had was my siblings, i say my siblings because growing up i would always hang out with my siblings and we would play games or something. Another external influence would be my cousins, i say them because growing up we would always talk about cars and how we want to modify our future cars. Some internal influence would be my love for science and cars. I say this because growing up i would go to the doctors and always wonder what different machines did, i also always would name cars and guess what type of engine they had.

Role model/people in my life

The people that had the most influence on me would be my parents. Growing up my parents always let me try new things and they also introduced me to new things. The put me into sports, introduced me to music, and they were always supportive of everything i wanted to try.

In the future i want to be a mechanical engineer or a surgeon

I want to be a mechanical engineer because i always found cars and different types of machinery interesting and always wondered how they work. But i also want to be a surgeon because i always found the human body and biology interesting.

Family symbols

I choose these two family symbols because these were things that we always did and i have 5 members in my family. I choose the family of 5 because i have 5 family members (Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister, Me). I choose the music symbols because growing up and even now me and my family would always play and listen to music on a speaker system we had.
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Quiz results

Learning styles

  • Intarpersonal
  • Naturalist
  • Logical

True color

  • Green

The test also said i was a thinker mostly.

Reflection (Most accurate test)

I think that the most accurate test for me was the truity test. This test said the i was a logical thinker. think this is the most accurate because i agree with the test that i got from the test. I think this because when doing work or doing anything, i think of the situation in a logical manner and always looked for the cause and consequences of a situation before i do anything.

Reflection (Most helpful test)

The most helpful test would have to be the Jobset test. I think this was the most helpful because it helped me narrow down the jobs that i would like to do. the test told me that i should be a dentist. This helped me because i might want to do something in the medical field. so know i have my jobs more narrowed down more than before.

Reflection (Least helpful test)

I think that the least helpful test would be the similar minds test (Left and right brain). I think it is the least helpful because it did not tell me anything new or helpful to tell me anything new about myself.

Four strengths

  • I work good on me own- I can also work good in a group but i prefer to work on my own. For example if given the option to work in a big group or by myself i would rather work on my own.
  • I am creative- I say this because i can think of a solution in different ways to find the solution to it.
  • I can find solutions to problems- If i am faced a problem i can find a good soloution to it that is both effective and safe.
  • I am good at knowing cause and consequences- If i am planning something or before i do anything i first look at Causes and consequences of a soloution or activity.

Four weakness

  • When i start a job i will work on it till it is finished regardless of the time it takes- during auto class i wouldn't stop working on a car till i finished, i even went into lunch just to finish.
  • When in a group i either don't take the lead or i just do it myself- During group work i either do to much work myself, or i take to much of a lead.
  • I'm a perfectionist- I like all my work to be done well and i always like to keep everything clean and tidy.
  • I can be lazy at times- sometimes i do slack off and procrastinate.

Learn about myself

Through this test i did not learn anything new, i knew myself well before i did the test.