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Community 7 Newsletter April 18th-29th

Dear Patriot Parents,

This week is ACT Aspire Testing. C7 learners will test Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure your learner has a well-balanced breakfast, stays hydrated, and gets at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Attendance these days is very important, however, makeup testing will take place Friday.

As we begin to reflect on our year, we are once again reminded of how far we have come. There have been many bumps and bruises along the way, but we are so grateful for the relationships we've forged and the opportunity to work with your child. We learn so much from them daily, and hope they are expressing a love for learning. Despite all the changes, they have been resilient and hopeful, and for that we can never say thank you enough. We also could not have continued this journey without your support, and we hope for your continued support as we wrap up our inaugural year at PRS.

Housekeeping points:

To ensure we are meeting any needs and concerns you may have, please email us directly. This includes issues regarding specific standards on Freshgrade you may have - instead of writing a comment, write a specific email to the respective lead learner you'd like to correspond with.

Instructional Tools

Edmodo is our learning management system where assignments are posted. Here you will see assignments, due dates, and resource links. We utilize the folders option and communicate expectations using the post feature as well.

Parents may access this through a unique code on your student's edmodo page. Ask your learner to sign in and show you the parent code. Once you have the code, signing up is easy--just go to , sign up as a parent, enter your access code and fill in the required information.

Google Drive is where our learners can collaborate with others and receive feedback from their lead learners. Each learner has a shared folder for each Lead Learner where they upload or create their work to be assessed. Ask your learner to open this folder and share their work with you. Click HERE for a basic overview of how Google Drive works.

Each lead learner will be having students work and receive feedback in their notebook as well.

Weekly Learning Goals

Ms. Austin's ELA/SS Family

This week is ACT Aspire testing, so our schedule will be a bit different. We have been working towards creating an online curriculum to share on our new class website, and learners will present these on Friday, and publish their final products to the website.

Monday-Wednesday we will run an alternative schedule due to testing:

Monday-first space will meet after testing

Tuesday-second space will meet after testing

Wednesday-third space will meet after testing

Those afternoons learners will review how to properly write a business letter and address an envelope and utilize those skills to write letters to the charity they chose for the Bake Sale. They will peer review those letters, revise them, and then write their final draft. I am so proud of their giving hearts and how much hard work went into raising money for their selected charity!

We will then dive into our next project that will integrate map skills, learning about culture, cuisine, literature, art, etc. More info to come!

For any learner who would like additional support mastering standards, I am available at 7:30 most mornings and during the 2:00 PE time. Also, I am willing to work after school by appointment. Just email me and let me know!

Pike Road Youth in Government Day

18 Patriots represented us at this YMCA sponsored event on Wednesday, April 14th. Learners were introduced to the structure and functions of local government, spent time shadowing and discussing the jobs of our town representatives, and practiced writing an ordinance. They worked with other students from various schools that are located within our city limits, and overall had a great day of learning!

Ms. Crowe's Science Family

Now that learners have a good understanding of adaptations and how they help organisms survive, we will investigate how these behaviors and structures are inherited to help the entire species survive. We will begin our investigation with a discussion and activity on how the evolution of the human hand. We will then look at the misconceptions of evolution and discuss the evidence that supports the theory of how populations change over time. Learners will get a chance to hear the experts in the field, see the evidence within our fossil records, and formulate their own opinion for a debate on the topic of evolution.

Super Species Gallery Walk

Learners walk through the Super Species Zoo to investigate adaptations.

Mr. VanEgmond's Math Family

Our C7 Charity Bake Sale was an incredible success, raising a total $765 for 21 charities! Seeing our learners engage through creating package prototypes, counting money, calculate recipe conversions, and various other activities was meaningful. I am impressed to see how we have learned to effectively collaborate with others since the beginning of this school year.

Ms. Biggs has been helping us learn about angles and how they relate to each other in various ways (i.e. complementary, supplementary, adjacent, alternate interior, etc.). The application of our knowledge will consist of creating a basic street map of a city we design, putting our hand-made buildings at locations that demonstrate the various angle relationships.

We encourage you to look closely as you drive around or relax at your house for acute, obtuse, and right angles. Also, challenge your child to show you two angles that are complementary or supplementary - they are awesome at this!

(Don’t forget about the Everything You Need to Know List. It includes exercises we have done to master standards as listed in Freshgrade.)

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How Can We Make Pike Road More Entertaining For Young People?

Our community project time is moving onto answering a new question:

How Can We Make (The Town of) Pike Road More Entertaining For Young People?

Our brainstorming session revealed a lot of great ideas (seen below) that learners are now pursing in two ways:

Option A - Preparing a proposal for Pike Road Town Council that could actually pave the way for bringing their idea to the Town of Pike Road. These presentations will be presented to Town Council either virtually or in person.

Option B - Building a real-life version of the idea for the Pike Road School and greater community to enjoy.

Update: We have several learners who chose Option A and we are evaluating their proposal videos to submit to the Town Council. We also have several who chose Option B and are continuing to develop their prototypes.

We have shifted our community over to a service-minded project, and also given learners the option of focusing on a passion project of their choice. Some of the projects that are coming out of this include our learners performing a basketball camp for Children's Centre in Montgomery and an opportunity to volunteer at Adullam House in Wetumpka.

Patriots Give Back!

Our community encourages a giving spirit, and what better way to wrap up our year than to have our learners give back to something they are passionate about or has influenced their life. Check out the options and guidance we have provided in the doc below, and talk to your learner about what they are developing!

If your family participates in any charity or volunteer work, please pass along pictures, information, etc. that might be helpful to our project!



Patriot Games (Field Day) Shirt Orders

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Book Drive

We are currently searching for middle school level books to add to our classroom library! If you have any collecting dust and you want to make room for new ones, please send with your child to Ms. Austin! We love diverse fiction and non-fiction selections and would also love to have any books on building or making as well!

Absence/Makeup Work Policy

Please consult the PRS absentee policy and ensure you send excuses with your learner within the required timeframe for absences or check outs. Please check with your learner to ensure they are requesting any missed material from their lead learners and if they feel they are behind, to arrange time to work with any of us one to one. We are glad to help!

Wish List

If any of our Patriot parents wish to donate to Community 7, please refer to the below desired items. Thank you for all you do for us!!

  • washable paint of various colors
  • project clay
  • colored pencils
  • Lysol/ Clorox wipes
  • construction paper
  • copy paper of various colors, including white
  • hot glue sticks (thick and thin)
  • hot glue guns

Six Flags Field Trip

Don't forget...

On April 29, Community 7 is going to the annual Math and Science Day at Six Flags over Georgia!

Click here for all the information you need.

Upcoming Events


  • 4/18-22 ACT ASPIRE Testing
  • 4/20-4/22 Cheerleading Try-outs
  • 4/25 Professional Learning Day (No school for Learners)
  • 4/29 C7 to Six Flags over Georgia Field Trip (Math/Science Day)


  • 5/2-6 Lead Learner Appreciation Week
  • 5/5 Athletic Banquet
  • 5/6 C7 & C8 Field Day
  • 5/26 Learners' Last Day of School
  • 5/27 Lead Learners' Last Day of School

Supporting Your Learner at Home

We love our Patriot parents and their support throughout this year. It takes a village for sure, and we love that our village is so passionate about their children and supporting them in their learning! How can you continue to do this at home?


The research on the benefits of reading daily is overwhelming! We know for sure that the following things happen when you read every day:

  • Reading reduces stress! You bookworms know this is true!
  • Reduces anxiety and fidgeting
  • Analytical thinking is improved
  • Vocabulary acquisition
  • Improved memory
  • Improving writing skills
  • Allows our brain to take a break from our busy lives and really reflect

We encourage you to get access to your child's accounts and discuss with them their learning and expectations. We find that time management is crucial for our learners, and we would love your support in teaching methods that work for your child. Accounts to check: FreshGrade/Edmodo/Gmail.

Discuss with your child what they are learning or working on. Have them show you or demonstrate. Apply it to something that is happening at home, or work together to revise or dive deeper! Practice skills at home and encourage them to bring their A game daily!

Make sure your learner charges their laptop nightly, and brings headphones daily!

We appreciate all you do and hope you will reach out if you would like any more information, resources, or just to get caught up on what's happening!