Change over time

During the Modern Era of Europe By: Allen Koriakin

Scientific Revolution

Its was the emergence of modern science during the early modern period.

Change in science led to scholas beging to challenging traditional athorties, also people were open to new ideas and exploration. The age of exploration led scientist to study the natural word more closely. Navigators needed more accurate insruments, geographic knowledge.Scintists didn't want to challenge the role of christanity.

The church feared reason as an enemy of faith, but eventually began to embrace some of the achievements of the scientific revolution.

The Scientific Revolution


Def: cultural movemonet that spanned the period roughly from the 14th to the 17th century,beginning in italy.Te reanaissance contributed the development of the conventions of diplomacy,Many theroys of science also were brough to conclusions.

Some have called into question whether the Renaissance was a cultural "advance" from the Middle Ages, instead seeing it as a period of pessimism and for the classic age.linked as Panofsky himself.

How it has effected modern day society

The scientific revolution caused many new ideas to form questioning popular belief. The discoveries made in Europe spread outwards. The new discoveries and inventions made become useful to travelers and traders alike. It just caused a big shake up with the world questioning almost everything. The Catholic Church went berzerk too and tried to deny many of these new technologies. Probably the biggest cahnge was newtons law which his laws are still used today or society.