ENSC Family Notes

August 25, 2014

ENSC Visitors

This week is an exciting week for East Noble Middle School. Wednesday evening, 23 students along with teachers and administrators from partner school Qingchun Middle School will be traveling from Hangzhou, China to visit ENMS for two days. Thank you to the several ENMS families who are providing an excellent American experience for these students by inviting them into their homes for the two nights.

Thursday and Friday, the students will visit classrooms, participate in activities, and learn more about the American educational system. Thursday night, a special dinner is being hosted by Cobblestone and Dekko Financial.

The Qingchun Middle School partnership began nearly four years ago when then principal, Travis Heavin, and other ENSC personnel traveled to China to learn more about the school and its students. Since that first visit, other ENSC teachers have traveled to the school, a group of ENSC students have traveled to Qingchun, and this trip is the second group of students to visit ENMS. Another group of ENMS students will be traveling to Hangzhou in the spring.

This partnership provides our students an opportunity to experience other cultures and develop their global understanding of the world around them.

Change means different things to different people.

Change. Just hearing the word often makes people run, cringe, or get anxious. Over the last few years, public education has experienced many changes in procedures, accountability, expectations, evaluation, and funding. All of us have experienced some sort of change in our lives. It could be marriage, the addition of children, loss of loved ones, change in a job, change in coworkers, procedures, etc.

ENSC is a part of the Northeast Indiana Special Education Cooperative and we now are more actively using their services. We have the opportunity to take advantage of their structure, experience, and expertise to better support our students and staff. As we move forward; however, there are growing pains we will experience. All of this will be related to new processes and procedures that are different for East Noble. The services our students receive will remain the same. We have excellent teachers who place their students first.

As ENSC and the Special Education Cooperative merge their processes and develop a new structure, we ask for your patience and understanding.

School Board Meeting

Wednesday's School Board meeting will be held at the Central Office and begin at 6 p.m. The agenda items include a brief update to the start of the school year along with approval of overnight and out of state field trips for the school year. In addition, a public hearing will be held for the 2015 budget.

All Star of the Week is Nicole Treesh

The middle school’s All-Star of the week is Nicole Treesh. Nicole is the new media assistant at the school and has already proven her worth. She comes to us from the Kendallville library and brings a vast knowledge on books, authors, and methods of exciting kids to read. She has helped make the media center into an inviting atmosphere, like it should be, at the middle school. Any person starting a new job is a little nervous about the job requirements and their comfort level in performing the position. Nicole was comfortable with the library aspect but was thrown a curve ball when she realized she would also be teaching one class a day. Nicole is teaching a very new program at the middle school, Computer Programming. She quickly started to research this subject and has turned this class into a favorite for many of our students. Nicole is an obvious All-Star for the middle school.

Have a Great Week!

Building News

East Noble Middle School

The ENMS team has wrapped up their 2nd full week of school by setting academic goals and grade checks with students, to let them know we are accepting NO EXCUSES for anything less than their best. The school staff and students wear college gear on Mondays to start off University Strong, and end the week with EN spirit wear.

We look forward to our upcoming visitors from our sister school in Hangzhou, China this week. For two days students and staff from China will get to tour our school and attend classes. Thank you to our wonderful host families who have opened up their homes and hearts to our friends from another land. It is not too late to join our trip to China in 2015. Please email Mr. Hannon or Mrs. Stein for more information.

The fall sports season also kicks off strong this week, with the first home football game Tuesday evening against Angola.

North Side Elementary

This week at North Side, teachers began assessing students using mClass (K-2) and IRI (3-6) assessments. These assessments are given at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year and used for multiple purposes. This round of assessing helps teachers understand the make up of their class and know where to target instruction for specific groups of students. As the year moves forward, we will use these and other assessments to determine the effectiveness of our curriculum and instruction and to make adjustments as needed.

We are pleased to welcome a new member to the NSE team, Ms. Emily Schnorr. Emily joins our team as a 5/6 split grade teacher. She begins on Monday and we are excited for her to bring her talents and ideas to NSE. Emily's hiring will help us lower class sizes in our fifth and sixth grade classes.

Rome City Elementary

Delving into the details of a successful week at Rome City Elementary, we find that Romans enjoyed many great aspects involved with a promising beginning to a spectacular school year. It is evident each class offers their own unique and equally engaging tactics utilized to excite the students for the year.

Mrs. Herber’s second grade class is learning about life after high school. Under the guidance of Mrs. Herber, the students accomplished the creation of a cheer promoting the college of their choice, St. Francis College. They have created a You Tube Video to send to their college. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eplaL-2JHDY&feature=youtu.be.

Mrs. Scherer’s fifth grade class were extremely engaged during math this week. The students practiced their math facts through an inclusive and competitive game known as "factor captor". There's no doubt that the students find this activity to be an enjoyable and efficient method of committing the principles of factors, prime numbers, and composite numbers to memory while maintaining their ability to put these new-found skills into practice.

To conclude a fabulous week, Rome City families enjoyed another record setting turnout at the anticipated annual picnic. Numerous families brought an assortment of food items and enjoyed welcomed camaraderie. Alison Miller, Kim Krebs, Courtney Klopfenstein and Cheryl Herber all entertained those present by accepting the ALC Ice Water Challenge which can be viewed on our Facebook page.

South Side Elementary

One of the most exciting parts of becoming a fifth grader at South Side is receiving a brand new laptop. South Side’s fifth graders are definitely excited. Students received their laptops on the second day of school and have been using them daily ever since. Students have been exploring their way around their laptops, setting up their Outlook accounts, pinning programs such as Word and PowerPoint to their taskbars, practicing word processing skills on Word, and learning where to save their documents. They also have been researching information on the Internet and visiting educational websites such as Sumdog. We also have been discussing care of their devices and being a good digital citizen.

South Side began our Success Night parent meetings this week, kicking things off with the 3rd grade. Third grade parents learned about IREAD, Class Dojo, Daily 5/Café, Six + 1, and Everyday Math. The smaller, more casual environment of grade-level meetings allows our parents to meet with teachers more casually about needs specific to their students. In addition, Noble County Promise representative, Lisa Walter, was here help parents understand the benefits of a 529 College Savings Plan; and fourteen more families started a plan for their child!

Wayne Center Elementary

Character counts at Wayne Center! Each week students are recognized for demonstrating the Pillars of Character. Teachers nominate one student from their class who has demonstrated great character. Students are nominated for a variety of reasons such as showing responsibility for completing homework, demonstrating caring by helping a new student get acclimated to our school, or being respectful by following classroom rules and procedures. Students are recognized during our Friday morning announcements, and a group photo is taken and posted to our website. Students are further honored with a Student of the Week certificate that is hung in our main lobby for the week. Lastly, students are able to select a spirit award prize from our prize box.

The students look forward to being recognized for their positive character. We have great students at Wayne Center!

Alternative Learning Center

Students are making great progress thus far this school year. They have 14 credits earned already and are working very hard and utilizing the staff to help them meet their educational goals. It is always fun to watch the students get excited when they see progress toward a credit and getting one step closer to graduation. TheALC is utilizing the CANI JAG program and the students meet with the teacher each week in the building.

It would be great to get students more involved in the community, so we are looking for volunteer opportunities to do as a whole group.

Avilla Elementary

The second full week of school flew by this week at Avilla. The week started out with the staff meeting with Mr. Stinson. Mr. Stinson presented some pretty thought provoking material for before 8 a.m. on a Monday morning. Thankfully, by 8:30 the kids were here and we were able to begin the week. We took time-out on Thursday to talk with OUR kids about security and some changes that will be taking place this year.

The week ended with Ms. Carpenter spending the morning working on Canvas sites with 5th and 6th grade teachers. The support was definitely needed and appreciated. Mr. Linson is also frantically finishing up I-Tunes accounts for K-4 students.

OUR kindergarten students will be finding their own bus after school starting today. OUR 6th graders have been “buddying up” with them to help them find their own way. Thanks to the leadership of OUR 6th graders the kindergarten teachers have been able to help car riders after school and not have to be in two places at one time.

East Noble High School

Some of the departments at the high school consist of smaller subjects that combine into one larger department. For example, as one department, there are the Business teachers, Family & Consumer Science teachers, PE teachers, and Ag teacher. The business classes have been welcoming new students through Careers class. A course designed to get students thinking beyond high school. It’s important to always look ahead and prepare. Some of the older business students are employed throughout the area in our I.C.E Program. Students are gaining real world skills, high school credit, and earning money along the way. Some business classes are being to understand the concept of branding. They are creating logos, developing business plans, and even learning to design a website to market their brand.

Our PE students are taking advantage of the weather and spending as much time outdoors as they can before Mother Nature locks us in. The health class are researching the various agencies of the United Way, and learning about all the support that is available through this service organization. Last Wednesday the East Noble FFA and FCCLA had their annual Corn Dinner and Ice Cream Social for staff and families of the two clubs. A nice crowd of nearly 120 people enjoyed sweet corn, baked beans, potato salad, watermelon, cake and ice cream. Thanks to all who attended!