The ME Project

By: Taija Reid

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Who am I?

My name is Taija Tiara Reid and I was born on September 24th, 2000 at 2:10 p.m. at Etobicoke general hospital located in Toronto. When I was born I was 8 pounds and 3 oz. I was the first child my parents Camille and Anthony had. After 4 years in 2004 my mom had another child named Ty; my brother. For most of my life up until grade 3 my mom, dad, brother and I lived in Toronto with my grandma and grandpa. Some of my interests include listening to music, dancing or spending time with friends and family. Throughout my childhood I've took ballet, tap and jazz dance lessons to get better at dancing because I feel that it is a fun way to express my personality. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends and experiencing new things. Over the weekends I like to go out a lot and be with my friends because during the week i do not spend as much time with them. Over the years my personality has changed in a few different ways. Growing up I was a very shy girl who wouldn't talk much and would stay by myself, now ive become more outgoing and open to trying new things and learning from my mistakes. I believe that I have changed for the better and became a better person that isn't scared to take risks anymore. Im very caring and understanding and I tend to put the feelings of others before my own in certain situations.


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Rihanna Concert!

On April 14th, 2016 I went to the Rihanna concert with Denay at the Air Canada Centre. This was our second concert we've been to but we enjoyed it just as much as the Nicki Minaj concert. It was on a Thursday which made it hard to wake up for school the next day because we were downtown Toronto until about 1:30 a.m. and we didn't get home until after 2. We got to see Drake, Rihanna and Travis Scott perform that night.

My Leadership Style

My leadership style is a Leader as a persuader. I like to help my team come to a decision but focus on one main goal that I might believe is best for the group. I believe that working in a group is best when all members put together ideas to come up with one good idea but at the end I will make the final decision. I also like to encourage people to participate in discussions. When leading people I like to be very enthusiastic and determined to get work done.
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My Favourite Things


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My main external influence is my friends. Over the years ive had many friends that have come and go. One of my main influences would be my friends because they encourage me to be a better person everyday. My relationship with each one of my friends has shaped my life in some way. I have a special relationship with each one where I can be myself and talk to them about anything and I would never want to lose the few close friends I currently have in my life. The influence my friends have had on me always end up in positive outcomes, they taught me how to be myself and not care about what everyone thinks of me. When I am sad or need to talk to someone I know they will be there for me. I am so thankful to have these people in my life because I never go through anything alone. Overall, these few close friends that I have are more like sisters to me because they make me happy everyday and lift me up. My internal influence would be my emotions. I believe that my emotions have a big impact on my decisions. I change my mind a lot depending on how I am feeling which can affect me after. My emotions and mood also play a big role on how I react in certain situations.

Role Model

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My role model is my Nana. My grandmother is my hero, friend, teacher and best friend all in one. I love her so much words cannot even describe. My grandma has given up many things in her life for the people she loves. She moved to Canada from Barbados for a better life and has been working all her life to turn out successful. She inspires and motivates me to do better in school and not stress over little things. When I am with my nana I feel as if I can conquer the world. She is 87 years old now and has had diabetes for many years of her life but continued to have a positive attitude about her health. She is the most kind-hearted, caring & loving person I know. When my grandpa passed away she continued to be strong for the whole family and told me to keep in mind that everything would get better. A couple months ago, my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's but she continues to be an uplifted positive person in my life. My grandma is the type of person to make sure everyone she loves is okay before herself and she will spend her last dime on something if it makes me happy. She makes me laugh, cry of happiness and dance all in one and I don't know where I would be without her in my life. She motivates me to work hard in school to be successful so that one day I can give her the world because shes been through so much and is still able to wake up thankful with a smile on her face. My grandma couldn't be a better role model, she deserves the world.
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My Future

Throughout my life, my professions have changed from many different things. Growing up I wanted to be a lawyer or a singer but my thoughts have changed. In the future I want to become a Pediatrician or a Social care worker. I've always enjoyed working with kids and helping impact peoples lives. I enjoy learning how the mind works and why people react in different situations. A pediatrician is a child's physician who manage the physical, mental and emotional well being of children and their development. To become a Pediatrician I would have to do four years of college, four years of medical school and three years of pediatric training in hospitals and residents. I would take courses such as biology, chemistry and physics in high school. Through my years of high school I will have to obtain credits from courses such as Family studies, Raising Healthy Children and Anthropology to learn child development and the behavior of children.

Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

Learning Styles: Visual-Auditory Learner

I believe that my results were accurate because I tend to learn more by hearing, listening looking and seeing. It is easier for me to learn new things by hearing and seeing how to do something. My results were 38% Auditory, 33% Visual and 28% Kinesthetic. In my opinion these results are true because when studying I prefer to talk to myself and read out loud to remember what I am studying. As a visual learner I always end up copying everything on a note and then later analyzing and imagining situations of what I took notes on. The last result was Kinesthetic, I feel that this does relate to me because I am the type of person who enjoys doing hands on work because it makes it easier to understand if you try for yourself. Kinesthetic learners take frequent breaks and tend to use gestures when explaining something which is what I do a lot of the time. I like to listen to others teach that way I can have a better understanding of the topic and be able to ask questions to help me learn more.
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Personality Quiz: ENTJ

I feel like the results of this test were accurate. People with ENTJ personalities are energetic, confident and very driven. I feel like these results are accurate to my personality because I am a very driven person to get work done and at times I can be very energetic. These people tend to be very focused, direct and decisive. In my opinion, I am very indecisive and it takes me a long time to decide things so this wouldn't relate to me as much as the other descriptive words for ENTJ personalities. These type of people are also able to consider and connect different ideas which is similar to how my personality is. ENTJs also have trouble understanding their emotions as well as other people and their emotions which is also similar to me because I do have trouble coping with my emotions. Overall, these test results were accurate and did relate to my personality because I am a very energetic and confident individual.
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Interests Quiz: The Catalyst (SE)

My results for the interest quiz were accurate. The Catalyst is a person who causes activity between two or more people without it affecting themselves. Catalysts care about people and love to help them which is also why I feel like these results relate to my interests because I am a person who really enjoys helping others. I would love to become a pediatrician in the future so that I can help children and other patients. These type of people are also very social which relates to me as well because I love socializing with different groups of people. I believe that the results of this quiz do reflect my interests because I do balance my thoughts and actions and I prefer to follow my heart when in different situations. My interest trait results were 85% Social, 85% Enterprising and 71% Artistic. Overall, I was surprised to see that I am 71% artistic because I would never think of myself to be expressive through art and self expression but its cool to find out something new about my interests.

Knowledge Quiz: Business

The results of this quiz were somewhat accurate. In my opinion, I do better at organizing and planning events so this quiz did relate to my preference. The subject area results were 94% Business, 78% Computers as well as Physical Education. I believe that this is true because I am better at business than working on a computer. I prefer to organize rather than work on a computer because at times technology can be difficult to figure out. I was surprised that my results were 78% for both Computers and Physical Education because I would have expected the Physical Education percentage to be lower. Throughout high school I do plan on taking Business courses because I would enjoy learning accounting and how to manage a business. In conclusion, the results for this knowledge quiz were not surprising to me because I am aware that I do enjoy business and entrepreneurship more.
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Motivations Quiz: Independence

These results were the most accurate for me. In my opinion, I am very Independent and I like to do things on my own so that I can manage my time and create my own schedule to follow. I like to take responsibility for my actions and try ideas on my own first before asking for help which is why I feel like these results were the most accurate. Independence means you are not controlled or influenced by others in matters of opinion and decisions which is very true for me. My second motivation factor was achievement. This was also true because I do like to achieve my goals that I set for myself. The overall results were 78% Independence, 67% Achievement and 56% Relationships. I believe that 56% was good enough for relationships because I do enjoy socializing with people around me and having connections with different people so we can work together as a team. I believe that it is extremely important to set goals and feel like you accomplished them by the end of whatever your doing. In conclusion, these were the most accurate results.
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Compatibility Quiz: Top 3 Occupations

The results of my compatibility test were somewhat true. My top 3 occupations were working as a hairstylist, cosmetologist, childcare worker or property manager. I feel that these results were true because I do enjoy helping people and I am better at business and managing then being artistic. My top occupation was a hairdresser, cosmetologist which was 83%. In my opinion I would enjoy being working in this field because I like working with makeup and hair. My second occupation was a childcare worker with 79% and my last occupation was a property manager. I feel that the childcare would work best for me because I am better working with kids and I would love to learn how children develop through different ages. Lastly, I believe that being a property manager would be another option for me because I am better at business and organizing compared to working in a field where you need to learn a lot of sciences. Overall, these results gave me more ideas into what I might want as an occupation and they were accurate.

True Colours: Test Results

My brightest colour for the true colours test was Green and my second brightest was Orange. I feel that these colours were accurate because they do relate to my personality and how I act. People with the colour green are motivated by their underlying values which include creativity, fairness, efficiency and quiet time for thinking. I believe this is true for me because I do enjoy time to think over situations and most of the time I do end up overthinking little things. I see myself to be powerful, and very calm in situations where a lot of people would react. Other people would see the colour as a person who doesn't care about others and might be weird or critical in different situations which I find is not true. I believe that green does represent me because I am a very calm person. My second brightest colour was Orange. I believe that this result was also accurate for my personality because I am a fun-loving person who is curious. Orange welcome new ideas, are good negotiators and are spontaneous and carefree which is why I feel that this colour also relates to me. Other people might see orange as a person who is manipulative, indecisive and irresponsible. Depending on the situation at times I am indecisive so this is also true but overall these two brightest colours were accurate for my personality.
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Right Brain or Left Brain-similar minds test results!

My results for this test were very accurate. I turned out to be a left brain thinker, overall the results were 28% Right brain and 72% Left brain. This means that I am more to the point and orderly. I believe that this is true because I have an easy time understanding directions but I have a hard time comprehending my emotions and at times I can feel lost if things are not clear. I understand directions but I can be easily confused if parts are not clear and I will start to doubt concepts. I feel that these results are very accurate for me because I tend to be a little narrow-minded when thinking of different situations.

Holland Code Career Test

My results for this test were somewhat accurate. My overall career type was a persuader. I feel this is somewhat true because in some situations I do try to persuade people around me. Persuaders are people who have a primary interest of Enterprising which is also why this is accurate for me. I am interested in managing, leading and trying to motivate other people because that is what im good at. I enjoy influencing others and being positive towards people. Some example careers for me would be working in the business sector and being either a sales manager or business executive. My score summary results were Building, Thinking, Creating, helping, persuading and organizing. The highest interest level was for helping. I feel that this was also very accurate because I would work better in a career which involved helping others by either assisting, teaching or taking care of people. A future career for this type of interest would be a counselor or a child and youth worker. In conclusion, these results were accurate for my career interests.