East Side Press Family Newsletter

May 2, 2021



AP Testing Begins This Week!

AP Testing begins tomorrow, Monday, May 3rd. All students who are currently enrolled in Phase Into Learning and signed up for an exam will take the AP exams during the regular time slots at school.

Students who are learning through Tosa Connected or WVA will be taking the AP exams online at home starting the week of May 18th.

Please reach out to Ms. Merg or Mrs. Taylor if you have any questions.

Junior Prom and Senior Ball

We will be hosting a Senior Ball for the Senior Class of 2021 and a Junior Prom for the Junior Class of 2022.

Based on the results from the survey sent to senior students and parents on 4/14, we have determined the Senior Ball will not have a catered dinner nor a grand march. Below are the finalized details for both Senior Ball and Junior Prom.

Senior Ball

Saturday, May 15 | 7:30 pm - 10 pm

East High School

Ticket Cost: $15

Junior Prom

Saturday, May 22 | 7:30 pm - 10 pm

Grand March in Theatre (7:30 - 8 pm) - this will be livestreamed for families

Dance (8 - 10 pm)

Tickets: $15

Protocols and Expectations

  • Students will be expected to wear masks during the entirety of the event except for the Grand March when they cross the stage.

  • Masks must be worn during the dance. Students failing to properly wear masks will be asked to leave.

  • In the event of a need to contact trace due to a positive case of COVID-19 for someone in attendance, the school district nursing staff will be contacted and students will be quarantined as needed.

Who Can Attend

  • Only East High School students can attend these events. No outside guests from other schools, graduates, or students from other district schools.

  • Juniors can invite other East students from any grade to Prom

  • Seniors can invite other East students from any grade to Senior Ball

Senior Gift - We Need Your Help!

The student body presidents are currently working on coordinating the senior gift. We are working with a local muralist, Ms. Christina Persika from Persika Design Co. Christina is going to paint a mural on a wall in the courtyard where it will be visible from all courtyard-facing windows and accessible to all students (attached is a picture of the location in our courtyard where we anticipate the mural going up).

Christina is going to make a design with the input she gets from student artists to highlight the themes of unity and strength. With such a unique senior year, we felt the theme of unity after we've had to adapt new ways to connect with one another was fitting for our class gift.

In addition to the mural, we will be installing garden beds and benches that will be made and kept up by a variety of classes and clubs that have been funded by a grant we received from EFW. Altogether, we are working to turn the courtyard into a Unity Garden where students with different interests and from different backgrounds can come together.

In order to make the mural happen, we need your help! We are asking that senior families donate towards the gift. To make a mural that's about 20x20 feet, we will need about $5,000 so anything you are able to contribute would be greatly appreciated!

How to Donate

You can make a donation online, here. Cash and checks can be brought to the main office in an envelope labeled “Senior Gift.” Checks can be made out to Wauwatosa East High School with "Student Council - Senior Gift" in the memo line. Thank you!

Click here to make a donation

Thank you to senior students Sienna Daniels, Michela Miller, Ellie Cady, and Maggie Kasdorf for making this vision a reality!

Senior Graduation Yard Signs

Senior graduation yard signs will be available for pickup after school in the cafeteria on Monday, May 10th. Senior students may have one yard sign per household.

If your student is unable to pick up at that time, the signs will be available for pickup in the office starting Tuesday, May 11th.

UPAF Ride for the Arts

Support music in our community with the UPAF Ride for the Arts bike ride!

Wauwatosa East’s music honor society, Tri-M, has their very own team that is looking for riders and donors. This year, the socially distanced bike ride will take place over three weekends in June where riders can pick their weekend, route, pace, and distance.

Support the Tri-M team by joining to ride through their team page, making a monetary donation, or by sharing the team page with friends and family. Click here to learn more.

Advanced Chemistry Titration Day



Zoom Troubleshooting

Students can use the following troubleshooting steps if they have issues with login:

  • Make sure the account is activated. The activation process is very simple and is demonstrated here.
  • Make sure the student is not logged in to Zoom with another account.
  • Check that the student is using the Zoom app (not just the website).
  • Ensure the student is using the "Sign in with Google" button on the app.

Follow this troubleshooting guide or contact Mrs. Oliver with any questions.

Canvas Observer Accounts For Families

Families are encouraged to create a Canvas Observer account to actively engage in their student’s learning. Please review the Canvas Observer course for a getting started tutorial and other helpful tips. The link to the course can also be found on the District website.

Tosa Connected

  • Needing a little support with your Wauwatosa Virtual Academy (WVA) courses? Check out this resource sheet.
  • Don't forget that our Academic Resource Center (ARC) staff is available to provide support. Please check out their schedule here.
  • If you are unable to attend your live virtual class, please make sure that you call the East attendance line (414-773-2002) to report the absence.



2021 Senior Graduation

Important dates and information for seniors:

  • Final assessments: June 1-4, 2021
  • Final day for senior attendance: Friday, June 4, 2021
  • Graduation practice: Friday, June 11. Time TBD.
  • Graduation weekend: Saturday, June 12 (Rain date June 13)

Where is graduation?

We are planning for an outdoor graduation this year at Wauwatosa West. Tosa East's ceremony will be held at 11:00am; Tosa West's ceremony will be held at 2:00pm.

Why at Tosa West?

Hart Park is not available all weekend and the north field at East does not have adequate bleacher seating. Indoor graduation does not appear to be feasible this year.

How many tickets can families get?

At this time, we do not know exactly how many tickets students will be given, but attendance will be limited. We estimate 2-4 tickets per graduate.

Will it be streamed?

We are planning to have graduation streamed live for those who cannot attend.

Senior Cap and Gown

Jostens has collected the in school orders for graduation materials. If you missed the opportunity, you can complete the order packet and send it directly to Jostens. There is also an online ordering opportunity. Please use the steps below to order items:

  • Go to jostens.com and choose the tab for “Shop High School”
  • Enter your correct school name and choose it. (Wauwatosa East High School)
  • Choose the “Graduation Tab”
  • From there you can go to available packages or scroll down to individual items

Virtual Peer Tutoring Program

With the help of upperclassmen, the Student Services Department is rolling out a Virtual Peer Tutoring Program. Hour-long tutoring sessions via Zoom are available at various times and days. If students have questions, they should reach out to their school counselor.

While we are learning virtually, our student services team is still accessible to support students. Please send an email to set up a session.

Student Services Team

Mrs. Bratcher - School Counselor

Mrs. Carter - School Counselor

Mr. Linscott - School Counselor

Ms. Merg - School Counselor

Ms. Phillips - School Social Worker

Ms. Schmidt - School Counselor Intern

Mrs. Morgan - Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Taylor - Career Center Coordinator

Club Central

Interested in joining a club? Contact an advisor today!



How to Study for Success

There are many summative assessments coming up in the next few weeks and many of our students don't always know "how to study." I'll be providing some study tips for parents so they can help their children do well as AP and other tests come up.

Remembering is a tricky business. There is no "magic pill" for remembering. But here are some tips that can help.

  • Try to understand the information you must remember. Understanding the information will allow you to relate the information you must remember to what you already know.
  • Try to form an association between the information you must remember and a person, place, object, situation, or emotion.
  • Frequently recite the information you must remember or write it several times.
  • If you must remember a large body of information, try to break the information into smaller, more manageable categories. Then work on remembering the information in each category separately.
  • Create a graphic organizer for the information you must remember. It is easier to remember information that is organized than to remember information that seems to be all over the place.
  • Try to bring a personal touch to the information you must remember. Relating the information to something about you will make it easier to remember.
  • Try to form a picture in your mind of the information you must remember. Visual imagery is a powerful tool for remembering.
  • Try to apply what you must remember. For example, if you are trying to remember the meanings of some new vocabulary words, use the words in your speaking and writing. Test yourself. A good way to do this is to write a question about the information you must remember on the front side of an index card and the answer to the question on the back. Use as many cards as you need. Look at the questions, try to answer them, and then check to see how you did.
  • Try to make remembering a fun activity by creating games using the information you must remember.

Remembering is not just something you must do in school. It is something you must do in all aspects of your life. https://www.how-to-study.com/study-skills-articles/tips-for-remembering.asp



Spring Athletics

Boys tennis begins on Monday, May 3rd. If your athlete has not yet gotten their clearance card, please make sure that is done by the end of school on 5/3.

Please contact Sue Flatley at 414-773-2032 with any questions.

Spectator Guidelines

Please review the information below regarding spring athlete and spectator procedures.

Wauwatosa School District Spring Spectator Guidelines

Greater Metro Conference Spectator Guidelines

As a reminder, only 2 family members per athlete are allowed at most events.

Contact Us



Wondering where to direct your question(s)?

Main line: (414) 773-2000

Tosa East Administrative Team

  • Principal: Nick Hughes; (414) 773-2010
  • Associate Principal (students with last names A-K): Betsy McGinnity; (414) 773-2011
  • Associate Principal (students with last names L-Z): Jordan Stein; (414) 773-2012

Additional Staff Resources

  • Athletic Director: Michelle Guyant-Holloway; (414) 773-2014
  • Attendance: Gina Obscherning; (414) 773-2002
  • Infinte Campus Parent Portal Support: Liz Hughes; (414) 773-2005
  • School Fees (including athletic fees and enrollment fees): Sue Flatley; (414) 773-2032
  • Student Services (transcripts, address changes, etc.): Janice Morgan; (414) 773-2030

Our Tosa East Main Office is open Monday-Friday from 7:00am-4:00pm



Announcement: New Wauwatosa School District Superintendent

After an extensive recruiting, interview and vetting process, the Wauwatosa School Board is pleased to announce that it has named Dr. Demond Means as the Wauwatosa School District superintendent, effective July 1, 2021.

The School Board selected Dr. Means due to how well he fit the Superintendent Profile, which was developed based on collective community feedback. After analyzing this feedback, the Board had a very clear picture of the type of leader that our educational community wanted - and Dr. Means’ extensive references illustrate that he is that type of leader. The School Board also values leadership working closely with teachers as we take steps forward, investing time, energy and capacity into building relationships with staff members. A compilation of references and feedback regarding Dr. Means can be found here.

The School Board will meet on Monday, May 3, 2021 at 7 pm to take formal action on Dr. Means’ contract with the Wauwatosa School District. Please click here to access the Zoom link for this meeting.

In his first months as Superintendent, Dr. Means intends to launch a listening tour to immerse himself into the community and hear a variety of perspectives from staff, students, families and other members of our community. Please keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities to engage in these listening sessions.

Once again, thank you for providing valuable perspectives that have truly guided the development of the Superintendent Profile and, in turn, the Board’s decision. Dr. Means is a highly respected superintendent and educational leader in the state of Wisconsin, and to have him here in Wauwatosa is a big win for our entire school district community.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to any member of the Wauwatosa School Board directly. Contact information can be found here.

Yours in Education,

Eric Jessup-Anger, Wauwatosa School Board President

Leigh Anne Fraley, Wauwatosa School Board Vice President

Extension of USDA Meal Program

We are pleased to share that all students in the Wauwatosa School District will continue to have access to free breakfast and lunch during the 2021-22 school year! On April 20, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the extension of the National School Lunch Program through June 2022. This program provides children 18 years of age or younger with a free regular school breakfast and lunch on school days, regardless of their Free or Reduced status. Students may continue to purchase a la carte items, seconds and milk, which will be charged to the family's account. If you have any questions, please contact Food Service at (414) 773-2635.

Recreation Department

Wauwatosa Recreation Department is hosting its 7th Annual Clothing & Textile Recycling Drive on Saturday May 8 from 9 am - 12 pm in the Fisher Administration Building East parking lot (12121 W. North Avenue). Visit Clothing & Textile Recycling Drive for more details! Registration is open now for the Tosa Volleyball League this summer. Open to 4th - 8th graders, games are on Saturdays at Whitman from May 15 - June 26. And finally, please check out Safety Town @ Home - a fun and educational program that can be done at a time that works best for your family!

2021-22 School Year: At-a-Glance Calendar

As we approach the 2021-22 school year, you can find the year’s at-a-glance calendar here. The calendar can also be found in the Quick Links section on the district website and on each school’s website.

Last Day of School

The last day of school is Friday, June 11, 2021 for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, which is scheduled as a half-day of school. Please see graduation section earlier in newsletter for senior students' schedules.

Please note the following arrival and dismissal times:

  • High School: 8:00 - 11:30 am

  • Middle School: 8:10 - 11:40 am

  • Elementary + Montessori School: 8:20 - 11:50 am