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''A shot blocking beast with 18 career dunks as a college player'' she has four regular

season dunks ... she dunked in her 47th career game on July 15th 2014 vs. Washington her 43rd career game on July 6th at Los Angeles and dunked twice in her May 27th , 2013 WNBA debut vs. Chicago. followed by Brittney Griner

Griner sank three big dunks, according to the associated press. She helped led the Mercury to a WNBA championship , was selected 1th team all WNBA and was named WNBA. Defensive player in WNBA year she was always bullied in middle school . but what she thinks in her own words that '' you are beautiful because you are you '' She played for the WNBA team the phoenix Mercury. in 2012 she was named the A.P player of the year and she received most out playing . She was the first NCAA basketball player to ever score 2,000 points and blocked 500 blocks . Brittney Griner also left her mark in high school where she was nations number one high school basket ball player by


birth date : October 10th 1990

weight : 205 lbs 193 . okg

height : 6-9 12 .06

Birth place : Houston, TX

birth sign : Libra

25 years old

Dec. 15th 2015

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