Wonder Show

By: Hannah Barnaby


There was a part in the book that astounded me, a seen that through me through a loop.. Jackal was showing Portia how to lead people through "freak tent". At the end of the tour there was an extra part of the show where you had pay an extra dollar for. Portia was not allowed in, it was only men who entered. Portia ask Violet about the back room and what was in it and Violet offered to show her. What she saw stunned her. It was the Siamese twins, they were dancing and at then end they took their clothes off and danced for the men. The routine was called "The Blowoff".


If I could add a character I would add a little girl that would be Portia's little sister her name would be Maggie. I would add her so Portia wouldn't have to go through the things she did alone. She would effect the story by giving Portia a sidekick someone to help her get out of bad situations and give her the drive to keeping going to keep her sister safe. I think it would make Portia leave wayward a lot sooner and make her extremely protective.

Emotional Expirences

Portia went through a lot of ups and downs in this novel, she had been at her worst and best, here are some examples of Portia displaying here emotions and why she did so;

Sadness: Portia on multiple occasions was said during this novel, but the time she was most distraught was when her best friend Caroline dank poison to kill herself and Portia blamed herself.

Happiness: Portia was most happy when she was broken out of Wayward by her friends from the Wonder Show, because then she had the papers about her parents and she was with the people she loved the most.

Anger: Portia experienced anger when her Aunt dropped her off at Wayward.

A Day With Portia

I would undoubtedly choose Portia to spend a day with. I think she is a very genuine person with a beautiful imagination I would love. She is a very under spoken girl with a lot of interesting thoughts. She looks at the world differently than most and I find it unique and really cool. She is someone I can relate to with her passion and drive.

Being A Carney

Imagine if instead of the "Freak Show" portion of the circus she ended up in the carnival side if it as a carny. I think living as a carny she wouldn't be as close to everyone and they wouldn't try to save her from Wayward. She would go back as quickly as she came to find the files with the information of her parents where abouts.