Why and how blizzards happen

A blizzard is

  • A violent storm with snow blowing
  • Freezing temperatures and strong winds
  • Snowflakes fly around in circles u might not be able to see.
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Blizzard Forcasting

  • Blizzards can blow more than 35 miles per hour (56 kilo per hour)
  • Viability reduced to 0.25 miles per hour for a least 3 hours
  • Most blizzards can be accompanied by heavy snowfalls and temperatures at least 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6 degrees or lower)
  • Meteorologist want to warn people of when a blizzard is coming so people can get food and warm clothes
  • Canada, the United States and Russia are states they mainly happen
  • There is a cloud type called nimbostratus clouds associated with a blizzard
Time Lapse of Record Snow Storm in NW Arkansas