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AAA News You Can Use-September 19

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This Week at a Glance

Monday: ODD

  • Expeditionary Learning Coaching Visit

Tuesday: EVEN

  • Leadership meeting at 7:15
  • Bus Evacuation Drills (may cause students to believe late for breakfast)
  • Third Grade Fossil Find Field Trip

Wednesday: EVEN

  • School Wide Harmony Time (8:00-8:22)
  • Scoliosis Screening
  • Blue Ribbon Meeting in the media center

Thursday: ODD

  • Boosterthon Money Collection Part 2-all pledges and donations turned in
  • Second Grade to Burritt

Friday: Harmony

  • 1/2 Day PD
  • MS Students will remain in Harmony time all morning. If you partner with a class, please plan some activities to do together to build community.

RtI PST Meetings Focus of the week….Reading

Due to short week we will need to adjust our schedule. Please note the changes for the following grade levels:

Sixth Grade: Tuesday @9:00

Seventh Grade: Tuesday @ 9:45

First Grade: Thursday @12:05

STAR Progress Monitoring-Reading

We will need this data as we move into our next round of PST meetings.

School Wide Writing Plan

Our school wide writing plan requires daily writing opportunities for students. Please make sure that this is a part of your routine. Our middle school teachers will begin meeting weekly to implement a protocol for reviewing student writing.

· SS on Mondays 5th period @ 11:50

· Science on Tuesdays 2nd period @8:15

· ELA on Tuesdays 6th period @11:50

Blue Ribbon Task of the Week

On Wednesday, your committee will be working on completing notebooks. You will also have some time to plan for some interior design.

On Friday, your team/pod will work on displaying student work and/or making an artist display based on the name of the street around you. You will also have time to take a look at your pod with your team. Think about ways to make the space look even more inviting and appealing. Would quotes, photos, artwork do the trick? Does the furniture need to be rearranged? Would a diagram on the wall help students keep furniture in place? What about trash and lost/found items?

DOI Walk Through

The HCS DOIs will be conducting a walkthrough of our building on September 28. They will be visiting all classrooms. They will be using the HCS Learning Environment Rubric during their visit. Clicking the link below will take you to the rubric to review.

Educate Alabama

It's that time to log into Educate Alabama and complete your self assessment. You will need to log in and then log out to activate you account. Please select me as your primary evaluator and Mrs. Morris as your secondary evaluator.

Self Assessments should be completed by September 30. Let me know if you have any questions.

Tech News

  • Our SWIVLs have arrived! If you would like to check one out, let me know.

AAA Newsletter

I know everyone is super busy making great things happen in your classroom and around our school. Please take a minute to share this information with our families. Even a 2-3 sentences about an activity in your classroom would share the good news!

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Don' Forget and Things To Do!

  • Federal Cards-please check emails from Sandy to make sure you get all the directions.
  • Nurse Hanks will be placing some clinic passes in the cafeteria. If you need to send a student during lunch, forms will be on the cart by the college graph.
  • BLG Parent Signature sheets are due to the office. If you have not reached 100%, please list the names of the students that have not turned it in yet.
  • Turn in all excuses to Sandy as soon as you receive them. She will complete the referral cards but she needs all information to make the process run smoothly.
  • Role Call is our new system for securing substitutes. If you have not already logged into your account please do so soon in order to be ready when you are sick or an emergency arises. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to email- They are happy to resend log in information if you let them know. Please keep in mind that all professional development must be entered at least one week in advance.
  • Please alert the office if you are expecting a conference or volunteer. Although 99.9% of our families understand and value instructional time, we want to make sure that you are not being distracted from teaching or supervising students with an impromptu parent meeting. In some circumstances, you may be asked to come to the lobby to greet your parent.
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September 9 Brenda Levert

September 16 Katie Brigman

September 17 Michelle Hanks

September 20 Cassaundra Taylor

September 21 Gary Leopold

September 23 Stepanie Plummer

Do you use WEEBLY?

Check this out-it is a tool to help push the Weebly out to your families.

Common Sense Media

As you plan for procedures and routines this week, check out this site for lessons on using computers safely.