Mexico project

Heather Cernek


Mexicans celebrate Day of the Dead as death being part of someones life. They believe that the souls of the dead come back every November 1-2. So to prepare for these couple of days they set out food and drinks for the celebration.

Many Mexicans speak Spanish. They were influenced by the Colonial Times. However, many people speak American Indian languages. In Mexico, a persons language is related to their ethnic group.


Its a Political map


Mexico has many climate zones. Humid tropical, Tropical Savanna, Desert, Steppe, and Highland. The Mountain valleys mostly have mild temperatures, so many people have built their houses over there. Southern Mexico is hot and humid. Northern Mexico is similar with its hot and dry climate.

Agriculture and Industry

Most mexicans burn forest to clear land for growing crops. They also sell cash crops for money. Oil is an important export in Mexico. Many Mexicans work in the oil mining industries.


Earthquakes and volcano eruptions are very common in Mexico. The volcano Popocatépetl has been active as recently as 2000 years. The Sierra Madre Oriental is in the east. The other Sierra Madre Occidental is in the west. These two mountains and another smaller one in the south make up the Mother Range.