Noticias de la Semana

September 7th - September 11th, 2015

Academic Update

It was a great first day, yesterday!! I certainly enjoyed being back in school and hope your children did, too!

I send out a newsletter on Mondays in this format. A nightly goal for the students is to read 20 minutes each evening. I’m finalizing the details as to how that will work this school year. It’s not going to be just a reading log to show their understanding. Be on the lookout early next week for the information.

Our main focus this week is to get the year started by “jumping on the Energy Bus!” This includes team/community building activities, practicing transitions and classroom procedures, and getting back into the “groove” of a new school year.

On Thursday (tomorrow), September 10th, your third graders will be starting a pre-assessment for math. These pre-assessments give the 3rd grade Nuevas team more information as to how we can best serve your children in math (flexible groups). Please let me know if you have any questions. I will do my best to answer them!

September 11th

I would like to do a very basic social studies lesson on September 11th (about the events/history of that day). I make it grade and age level appropriate. It's something I've done the past few years as it is a part of US history and the students are interested. However, if you feel that it is not something in which you would like your child to participate, please let me know! I want to respect your preferences/wishes. Thank you!

Monday Smile :-) (these also come in your Monday newsletters)

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