What Happens When

a Good Idea Goes Bad?


We as humans think of many things, and wonder what the future will hold. One thing we think about often is “When and how will the world end?”, and I know I have. That is why I have chosen the theme question “What happens when a good idea goes bad?”. I have read 3 books to see what happens when a good idea goes bad, and I have listed the information below.
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How Does This Image Relate to the Theme Question?

I have put a broken light bulb to represent my question. I used this because a light bulb represents an idea, more specifically a good idea, and it is broken, representing it has gone wrong or turned out bad. So if it is all put together it represents a good idea gone bad or wrong.


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Source: "172 Hours on the Moon." Goodreads. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 May 2016.

172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad

This book is about 2 girls named Mia and Midori and a guy named Antoine in a world where NASA is having a lottery for 3 teenagers to go to the moon. When Mia, Midori, and Antoine are chosen to go, they have to go through lots of training. When they are done with training, the rocket blasts off. As the rocket lands and they go to a moon base called Darlah 2, all three kids are dreaming of a better life when they get back, until their power goes off and 2 engineers go outside to the generator to fix it. Then the engineers are attacked and are killed by someone, or something, outside of the moon base. After that, everyone becomes sad, nervous, and very cautious. Then Captain Coleman and Antoine go out to a secret moon base called Darlah 1 to turn on the power generator there that is connected to Darlah 2 so they can have power again, but they do not return. After a while the Rocket pilot goes out in search for them and is missing for a very long time. Now only the astronaut Caitlin and the 2 girls are left. As Mia and Midori looks for Caitlin, they find her on a couch drugged. At one point Midori asks "So you've already given up, that's what you're saying?, Midori cried. Caitlin fixed her eyes and said, yes. haven't you? Midori punched her in the arm, desperate. It's not fair! It's just not fair! Caitlin stood up and grabbed her arm, pushed it away and said, Well then maybe you should stayed home!"(253)NASA thought it was a good idea to send teens up to the moon, and thought it would send their popularity through the roof. This was a good idea, but then went bad when the aliens attacked and they could not go home, did not have communications, and no power supply. When a good idea goes bad society becomes angry and desperate. They lead to violence and pain, and sadness is right up there too. People in the society tend to blame the problem on other people and become violent and panic.

Source for 172 Hours on the Moon

Harstad, Johan, and Tara Chace. 172 Hours on the Moon: A Novel. New York: Little, Brown, 2012. Print.

How are these images related to 172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad?

The whole book starts with the lottery to go to the moon and the rest of it on the moon, and the aliens attack and everyone ends up panicking and being scared out of their minds, and they walk by the american flag where people first landed on the moon on the way to Darlah 2.
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Source: "Zero Day." Google Books. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 May 2016.

Zero Day by Jan Gangsei

This is a more realistic example of a good idea gone bad. Zero Day is about a president, President Mark Webster, Whose 8 year old daughter Addie Webster is kidnapped. 8 years later she shows up, and she moves back in with the president. As this happens, a terrorist attack happens where a political event is bombed. Her best friend from when she was 8, Darrow, shows up to say hello to her. As he gets to the white house, president Webster says she is in her room taking a nap. Darrow goes up to see her, and realizes she is not there and the window is open, and he hears voices out there. He jumps out to look, and he follows the voices into the woods. He runs after it, and trips on something. As he turns around to see what it was, he sees it was Addie, curled in a ball. She pleads with him not to tell the president, and he agrees. As he is walking home, he starts to get suspicious. After Darrow is gone, Addie sneaks into her mothers room and hacks into her computer, getting a flash drive that holds top secret information that is very dangerous to the U.S. Then Officer McQueen, the presidents terrorist detector, talks to Darrow about Addie. McQueen asks him to spy on her because he thinks she is part of the terrorist organization, Cerabus, who did the bombing. As Darrow is forced to agree to it, he uses a small microphone to listen to her and puts it in her necklace. As he is listening into his walkie-talkie that is connected to the small microphone, he hears Addie talking to someone. She calls him father, and his real name is Karl, a Cerberus member, and Addie's kidnapper. Darrow goes to report this to general McQueen but finds him dead. Addie's mom trusts her though, and one time they talk at night. They say "Okay. Thanks again mom. No, thank you honey, Liz said. Its been so good, talking to you like this. We should make this a regular date. This is just what I needed. Yeah, me too. It was exactly what she needed. A reminder her mother was nothing but a liar." (182) From Addie's perspective, Karl is the good guy, until the end when Addie rebels against Karl and realizes what she is doing is wrong, and Addie and Darrow win, and get the drive back that could lead to the downfall of the U.S.A. I think the good idea was maybe on the terrorists part, where they kidnapped Addie to get stuff from the president, then went bad for them when Addie rebelled and got the drive back and the terrorists lost. In this example, when a good idea goes bad society becomes untrustworthy and people don't always tell the truth, leading to people not trusting one another. After this book, I have been wondering which ways good ideas gone bad may happen in real life.

Source for Zero Day

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How are these Images Related to Zero Day by Jan Gangsei?

Addie's special talent is hacking, and Cerabus' whole plan is to get a very top secret site through hacking Addie's mother's computer. Addie is kidnapped in the beginning, which leads to the rest of the story, and Cerabus wants the top secret file to take down the U.S.A.

Have Good Ideas Gone Bad Happened in Real Life?

Good ideas gone bad happens all the time. Inventions people make may break and end up hurting people. People wage war and end up losing and their homes get destroyed, and many people die. One example of this is the civil war on the south's part. They wanted independence and seceded from the Union, and the Union attacked them to get them back. As they did this the Union killed many of the Confederates men, and destroyed their homes. The south thought it was a good idea to secede and form a new country, but it went very bad for them when the Union attacked to get them back, and their people, homes, and land was destroyed.

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Have good ideas gone bad happened in my own life?

People have had good ideas go bad before, but do I have good ideas gone bad in my life? After a while of thinking about it, I realized that I do have good ideas gone bad quite often, like if I left my textbook home so I did not have to carry it, but then the internet turned out to be having issues and I can't use the online textbook, and I can't get my work done. The good idea was not taking my textbook home so I don't have to carry it, but it went bad when the internet shut down and I could not do my homework. This shows that when a good idea goes bad, well, bad things happen. People become desperate and sad, along with angry or scared, depending on the situation. In this situation I was sad, desperate for a way to do homework, and a little scared I wasn't going to be able to do my homework.
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Source: "Stung (Stung, #1)." Goodreads. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 May 2016.

Stung by Bethany Wiggins

Stung is about a girl named Fiona who wakes up from a sleep that she does not remember going into. As she stumbles around her house, she realizes that she has an oval on her hand. Three words go through her head, “Conceal the mark.” She turned around, and sees her brother coming after her. She quickly jumps out of the window into a ruined, dead world. As she looks around, she meets a young girl names Arris. She takes her to where she lives: the sewer. As she talks to her, she says she needs to get her back from their military, called the militia. She agrees, and she is captured while doing it by the militia. She then meets the head leader, Bowen. Bowen tells her about the world and what happened to it, and about “The wall” and what is inside it. He says that some scientists made a special bee that was stronger to replace the bees that were dying out, but the bee started to transmit a disease like the flu. Then they come up with a vaccine to stop the flu, which ended up turning people insane and feral. In a final effort to stop the bees, they spread a very powerful chemical to kill them that ends up killing all the plants. They made a wall and a city inside of it that was supposedly safe from the outside world, with plants and everything and no crazy people. But they made strict rules to maintain the effectiveness of people who lived there. At one point Bowen says, “Life inside the walls have rules. His mouth puckers, as if the word leaves a bad taste in his mouth. No one with physical disabilities. No one who suffers from any type of mental illness. If you’re an unmarried male 15 or older, you work in the militia unless you have an invaluable skill. The inner wall age limit is 55. After that they are either kicked out or… and he mumbles something I can’t hear. Kicked out or what? Then he whispers, offered medically assisted suicide.” (92). I think this shows that there was many good ideas here, including making the bees, but they all went wrong, like the bees spreading the disease. This left the world in ruins, and left society a dangerous place. After that, it was “desperate times call for desperate measures.” They built a wall and made extreme rules like when someone turns 55 they are killed.

Source for Stung

Wiggins, Bethany. Stung. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.

How these images are related to Stung by Bethany Wiggins

These images are related to Stung because in the beginning when the bees are released, people have to dress in bee suits wherever they go in order to not be stung and get the flu. After the vaccine is made for the bee flu, people who took it go insane and attack people. After this happens, people who did not take the vaccine flee the cities and go inside the wall, leaving the cities deserted. Then the scientists let out a powerful chemical to kill the bees, and that kills the plants and everything is left plant-less and dead.

Its the End of the World as We Know it Song

The book Stung really reminds me of the song, "Its The End Of The World As We Know It" because in Stung one thing goes wrong after another and it all piles up and becomes a big mess of disaster, while "Its The End Of The World As We Know It" is about all of these things that are going wrong in the world and, well, its the end of the world. So at least in my mind these 2 things are pretty similar.


Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by R.E.M

How is this Song Related to the Theme Question?

There may have been some good idea that someone had, and it went terribly wrong and all of these things are happening to the world like a population overflow or snakes and birds attacking people. At one point there is an allusion to Greek mythology where it says "The Furies breathing down your neck", where furies are monsters of death in the underworld and it is saying they are running from death or death is always right behind them. In this example, when a good idea goes bad people start running for their lives and death could always be right around the corner, and people begin to panic, run and turn to despair.


So back to my theme question, "What happens when a good idea goes bad?", what does happen when a good idea goes bad? After reading these 3 books, 172 hours on the moon, Stung, and Zero Day, I have found that when a good idea goes bad, people in a society panic, run, become angry, sad, and feel despair, and society becomes violent, dangerous, and untrustworthy. All in all, when a good idea goes bad, terrible things happen.