Endagered galapagos penguin


Galapagos Penguin

The common name is Galapagos penguin.

The scientific name is Spheniscus Mendiculus


This is the picture of the original habitat location. The location is on the equator of Galapagos island which is 0 degrees.

Habitat picture

This picture is where the penguins would live in the zoo.

The average temperature in the zoo would be below 32 degrees.

The water source would be a stream next to their homes. Their homes are holes in a rock.


4 native plants

- four-o'clock plant

- pioneer plant

- daisy

- oputia (pear cactus is one native plant)

This is the native plant called four-o'clock

This native plant is the Oputia

2 Physical and behavioral adaptations

-1 physical adaptation of the Galapagos penguins is they migrate, they breed near their islands through out the year.

-2 they eat small fish like mullet, and sardines.

-1 behavioral adaptation of the Galapagos penguin is they need lots of water to swim.

-2 Standing with its flippers extended, panting and seeking shade it uses this to keep cool.

Food web

Energy Pyramid

The Impact of endangered penguin to the producers and its physical landscape

The carnivores around the Galapagos penguin eat them. If the penguin popluation decreases, the carnivores popluation will also decrease, because the penguins are part of the food pyramid and it can disrupt the way they live.

Endagered list

The Galapagos penguin is on the list because of the weather pattern and the ocean pollution.